Why do you hate me, What've I done?

Emily is a pretty normal sixteen year-old, she has short, red hair resembled to Hayley Williams', blue eyes, nice cheekbones. Other than she's an orphan; both her parents dead and she cuts. Emily just happens to fancy One Direction. She wins a contest to meet them, and she thinks it'll be like fanfictions and stories, they'll love her and become the best of friends and live happily ever after! No. But when the boys don't like her, how will she take it?


21. "Night Em"

We arrive to the hospital soon after, and enter the emergency waiting room. Liam goes to the  front desk to get the paperwork, and I chuckle as I hear a squeal. Liam comes back in a minute. "Here, give me the work." I say to him as he sits down. "Nooooo" He whines. "I'll do it for you." I chuckle "Okay." I lay my head down on hid shoulder and watch him scribble neatly on the paper. Accasionally he would ask me a question and after twenty minutes, it's done. When he returns once again, and informs me that it might be an hour or so until they could check out my arm.

I sigh and rest my head back on to his shoulder. "I love you Liam" I whisper. He chuckles and pecks me softly whispering, "I love you too Emily." I drift of to the typing of the woman at the desk, a smile plastered to my face.

"Emily, wake up baby. They called you in." I stand up and follow a nurse, Liam behind me. He steps up next to me and intwines our fingers together. I smile and just before we walk into the X-Ray room, the nurse whispers in my ear, "You and Liam are adorable together." I return it with a grin and step inside with Liam.

"Emily Jones?" A doctor asks. "Yes sir." I reply shyly. "Ah, I'm Dr.Greenburg. So I hear you broke your arm. Now how did this happen. I explain and he does the X-Ray. After about ten minutes of waiting, he tells me that it's not fully broken, but I'll have to wear a sling. As we walk out, my arm in a sling I thank him and Liam and I head back to the car. It's already nine o'clock. I nearly fall asleep in the car, but contain myself. When I walk into my flat I go straight to my bedroom. I'm extremely tired. I lie down and close my eyes.

I flutter my eyes open as I feel a warm body move next to me. "Goodnight Liam" I say. "Night Em." I kiss him lightly and close my eyes. I fall asleep again, wishing that some incedent would come up so I would'nt have to go to school tomorrow.





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