Why do you hate me, What've I done?

Emily is a pretty normal sixteen year-old, she has short, red hair resembled to Hayley Williams', blue eyes, nice cheekbones. Other than she's an orphan; both her parents dead and she cuts. Emily just happens to fancy One Direction. She wins a contest to meet them, and she thinks it'll be like fanfictions and stories, they'll love her and become the best of friends and live happily ever after! No. But when the boys don't like her, how will she take it?


32. Look Before I Fall..

We arrive to the rink and get our wristbands and skates, pulling them on. I can skjate on the carpet, but not on the rink. The boys are out there, and I want to but I'm scared. "C'mon Em!" Liam says coming onto the carpet next to me. "I'm scared." I mutter. "I'll help you." Before I can do anything he drags me onto the floor, hand in hand. "Liam!" I gasp, as I nearly fall. He catches me, one hand on my back, the other on my stomach and Imumble, "Er, thanks." He chuckles, "Anything for you." and pokes my nose. I giggle and stand up straight. After I get the hang of it, he goes off to talk to the boys or something. I'm skating along when some little teenage girl, maybe sixteen bumps into me.

"Oops Looks like I hit Liam's slut." I fall down hard on my bum, that pain intese; it's hard to breathe. "God Emily, are you okay?" Harry says as he skates up to me and the girl. "OH.EM.GEE. You're Harry Styles!" He looks at me, back to the girl, back to me, and back at the girl. He slowly bends down next to me, careful not to fall. "Did ahe do this Em?" I slowly nod, scared of the girl. "Did you shove her down?" Harry asks as he stands up. "No, of course not! She must be crazy. Come on; you can hang out with me. I'm a big fan, not like that little whore." The girl says, rubbing his arm. He pulls away and helps me stand. I feel a bit dizzy. "No." he states. "I only hang out with my friends and real fans. Let's go Emily." I nod and skate away with him, smiling at the look on the girls face.

"You okay? That was an awful fall." He asks. "Erm, yeah, I'm okay. And thanks." I mutter. "No problem." He says and kisses the top of my head. I bite my lip and skate away from him. I don't need to fall for him. He doesn't need to fall for me. I need to look before I fall. Will he crush my heart? Maybe. Will I crush Liam's heart? Yes. When it crushes Liam's, will mine too? Yes. I'm guessing I shouldn't fall for him.

We all hang out the rest of the afternoon into night, skating, playing skee-ball, and eating pizza. By 8 o'clock, we were worn out. I stop by my house and get some clothes and feed Olly again, since we're all staying over. I think the boys had some beer or something, they seem a bit slow. When we arrive t his house Harry yells to Liam and I while we walk up the stairs, "Don't have too much fun!" I giggle and change into my pajamas in Liam's bathroom. It's just a tanktop and some sweat pants, but I feel self concious.

I lie on the bed, the duvet over my head. Liam climbs in as well, and faces me, head under the blankets like mine. "Hi" I whisper quietly. "Hey" he chuckles. He's shirtless. Oh god thats hot. "You look cute" Liam whispers. I cross my arms over my chest, hiding myself. "No, I don't." He rolls his eyes. "Yes, you do. No argument. Night Emily." I sigh and cuddle up next to him, my head rested on his chest. I yawn, "Good night Liam. I love you." "I love you more" I giggle and slowly drift off

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