Why do you hate me, What've I done?

Emily is a pretty normal sixteen year-old, she has short, red hair resembled to Hayley Williams', blue eyes, nice cheekbones. Other than she's an orphan; both her parents dead and she cuts. Emily just happens to fancy One Direction. She wins a contest to meet them, and she thinks it'll be like fanfictions and stories, they'll love her and become the best of friends and live happily ever after! No. But when the boys don't like her, how will she take it?


30. Goober

We arrive home and he asks me to stay over for the night. "Okay." I nod. "But no 'funny business'." I laugh, remembering when he had said that to me just a week or so ago. We invite the boys over, since we were bored. Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry come in, taking seats near us. Harry sat beside me on the couch. Well, this is awkward. "Mate, can I talk to you?" Liam asks Harry. "Er... okay." Harry sighs. I look over at Liam with a scared frown. He looks at the ground as he and Harry walk off to his room. Liam, I say in my head, don't hate Harry. Don't hurt him. I think I might just... I did'nt want to let myself finish that thought, because it might be true. In think I might just love him as well..

Liam's P.O.V

"Mate, can I talk to you?" I ask Harry. "Er.... okay." Harry replies. Emily looks at me with sad and scared eyes. I look at the ground, her eyes just made me sad and guilty.

I lead Harry into my room, and turn around to face him. "Yeah mate?" I look at him and break. I push him into the wall, spitting into his face, "You know quite well what I want! You kissed my freaking girlfriend! I love her and you just go off and kiss her! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME HARRY?!"Harry sinks down to the ground, did I really throw him that hard? "Liam, I'm sorry, she was just upset and it was just in the heat of the moment and-" He's cut off when the door burst open, Emily stomping in. "Harry!" She gasps, pushing me out of the way. "Harry, your head is bleeding!" He chuckles nervously, "How are my curls?" It was supposed to be a joke, but Emily didn't take it as one. She turns to me and stutters "Li-Liam? Did y-you do this to him?" I stare at the ground and nervously stuff my hands in my trouser pockets.

"Liam. Did you do this to Harry?" She says sternly. I slowly nod my head, not able to speak or look at her. "I'll talk to you about this later. Where do you keep a first aid kit?" "Bathroom." I mutter. She leaves and I walk up to Harry, offering him my hand. "Thanks mate." He says as he stands up. "Look Harry, I'm real sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you, I was just mad." He sighs, "I understand. I would get pretty mad if my best friend kissed my girlfriend" I nod, and Emily walks back in with a first aid kit and a wet wash cloth.

She dabs the cloth on Harry's head until the blood is gone. She applies some alcohol to the rag and says to him, "This might sting a bit, okay?" Harry nods and Emily holds it to his head. He fast pulls away with a, "Jesus Em! What the hell is that?!" Emily sighs, "Harry, it's only alcohol. Now get your butt back over here unless you want it to get all gross and infected." He slowly inches to her, and she bends down next to him, grasping his hand. With the other hand she puts the rag on his head again, and he squeezes her hand tighter. "Ouuuuuuuchhh. Em, that hurts!" Harry whines.

"Harry your such a goober! I'm tougher than that!" He chuckles, "What's a goober?" "It's when- a person- oh, just shut up!" I leave somewhere around that time entering the livingroom, my head buried in my hands.



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