Why do you hate me, What've I done?

Emily is a pretty normal sixteen year-old, she has short, red hair resembled to Hayley Williams', blue eyes, nice cheekbones. Other than she's an orphan; both her parents dead and she cuts. Emily just happens to fancy One Direction. She wins a contest to meet them, and she thinks it'll be like fanfictions and stories, they'll love her and become the best of friends and live happily ever after! No. But when the boys don't like her, how will she take it?


29. "Best first date ever."

Liam moans as I wake up and sit up. He holds his grasp on me. "Liam, let go." His eyes flutter open, and focuse on mine. "No. I'll never let go. I'll never stop protecting you." I smile and blush, glancing at the ground.

"Liammmmm!" I whine. "Yes babe?" Liam says cheekily. "Please?" He shakes his head, and I lay back down next to him, facing him. I pout, and look away from him. Pretending to cry. He falls for it. "Fine. But at least come over to my flat for a bit?" I nod, and he finally gets up. I grab my purse and head out the door with Liam to his car.

We arrive to his flat just in about ten minutes, and walk in. "Woah" I mutter under my breath. Liam's flat was huge, and modern. The livingroom walls were crowed with family and friend photos, the boys, his mum, and even one of me. I wonder how he got that..

His kitchen counter tops were granite, and the floor wooden. It was amazing.

"So erm, what do you want to do?" I shrug. "You dragged me here" I say with a grin. It's about two o'clock, and we decide to go on a date, since technically we hadn't gone on a date. He takes me to the theatre, and we decide to watch Nemo. I love how childishly cute we are. We sit down and watch the film together, munching on popcorn. I rest my head on his shoulder and he snakes his arm around my waist.

I could've sat there forever, with Liam, watching as Nemo swims through the ring of fire at Mt.Wana-hocka-loogie. When the film ends, we get up hand-in-hand, and walk to a nearby resturaunt.

We order a burger and chips each, and a cherry coke. We talk about everything, and I love it. We walk back to his car and drive back home to his house. "I had a load of fun tonight." I say as we are driving back. Liam smiles, "I did too." I whisper in his ear, "Best first date ever." with a kiss on the cheek. "Not your last." He mutters under his breath. I hear him and can't help but to giggle. He blushes and grips my hand tight. I can't describe how much I love this boy and all he's done for me.

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