Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved

Ally Hilton enjoys taking pictures and running in the morning while on vacation in Florida. One morning while on a run she runs into someone unexpected. Will it be a long lasting relationship or short summer romance?


3. The News

Ally's POV

   When I got back to the hotel, my Mum was freaking out. "Where were you? I was so worried! You could have been kidnapped and raped! Or worse!" She shuttered. Jeez she was really worried to think about me getting raped. "Mum I'm ok. I met someone this morning. And he spilled coffee on me and he got me a new shirt and we went to Starbucks. Also while at Starbucks we got close." I smiled at the thought of me and Niall kissing. "How close..." I laughed lightly as my mum pursed her lips. "Like he is my boyfriend" I waited to see what she would do at the mention of a boyfriend. "Well he is a very lucky boy!" I thought she would freak because of what happened with my ex boyfriend Caden. But hey she liked him! "So when do I get to meet him?" I smiled at my mum, thinking. "Um how bout tonight?" I gave her the puppy eyes. She always said yes when i did the puppy eyes. "Fine tonight dinner at 6" She gave me a 'I don't really want to do this but fine' look. I loved my mum.

Niall's POV

    I walked in our flat with a huge smile on my face. "Hey someones happy!" Liam yelled so the other boys would hear. Suddenly 3 other boys ran down the hall screaming "Whats her name?" More like a demand though. I blushed "Ally" They stared at me for some time until Louis yelled in a girly voice "OMG details!!!" What a guy. I told them about meeting her and what happened at Starbucks. "Did you tell her about us, like does she know us?" Harry asked worried. "No, she didn't know us but I said I had 4 lads who annoy the crap out of me." I laughed and the others joined in with me. I got a text from Princess<3: Hey babe my mum wants to meet you tonight over dinner at 6? I smiled at my phone stupidly. I looked up at the boys. "Aww is wittle Niall in love?" The boys sang. I blushed and looked back at my phone. I ignored their question. "Her mum wants to meet me tonight" "Ask if we can come, you know to help you and also to meet this lucky girl." Liam suggested casually. I asked her and she said it was cool. This was gonna be an interesting dinner.

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