Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved

Ally Hilton enjoys taking pictures and running in the morning while on vacation in Florida. One morning while on a run she runs into someone unexpected. Will it be a long lasting relationship or short summer romance?


4. Dinner with Mum and The Boys....

Allys Pov

      Well this was going to be an interesting night. My mum, Niall, all his friends, and Me. What a mix, jeez. I had millions of thoughts running through my head, as i got ready. What if Mum doesn't like him, or his friends? Or what if Niall doesn't like my Mum? What if his friends didn't like me? My Mum always said I was a worrier. Well she is right, i worry more than the average person should. 

     I finally decided on a flowing flowers top, white shorts, and beige wedges. I hope it wasn't to much. I didn't want it to look like i was trying to hard. But wait wasn't that what i was trying to do? I got to the point where i just told my mind to shut up. I braided my hair to the right side and weaved a white ribbon in the braid. I sprayed some of my Justin Bieber perfume on. It just smelled so good. Im not a really big fan of Justin Bieber but i sure as hell loved his perfume. I hope Niall likes it. Will you just shut up! I mentally screamed at my brain while brushing my teeth. I ran downstairs, not standing to want another minute to see Niall. Just the thought of him gave me butterflies and made me blush. "Come on, Mum!" I yelled real loud at her. "Jesus I'm coming, hon. Just hold on let me get my keys." She replied in a irritated tone. I smiled sweetly at her as we climbed in the car. "What do you want?" I laughed silently as she pulled away from the hotel, she always knew when i wanted something. "OH!" I said in my best little girl voice "I was wondering if i could stay at Nialls flat tonight. All his Friends are going to be there and all their girlfriends too." I lied about the girlfriend part but i want to stay with Niall tonight. Anyways I leave in a couple days, back to London. Crap I forgot i was leaving in a couple days! "Sure sweetie. Be safe" Oh, Mum!

Niall's POV

    I slipped on a clean shirt after showering. I wanted to look nice for Ally's mum. She was coming over later so, I don't really care what i look like in front of Ally. She gave me this good feeling like she accepts me no matter what. I sprayed some of my Armani Mania after shave. I had told all the boys to behave, but I'm pretty sure they won't. Oh well i guess. We all met in the living room of our shared flat. "Lets go, Boys!" Liam is such a dad to all of us. We all piled in the van together. Louis drove with Harry in the passenger seat. Liam, Zayn, and I piled in the back seat. We were all silent to the restaurant, probably nervous. I was extremely nervous. I wanted her mum to like me so bad. I really like Ally.    

        "Hey babe, over here!" I heard Ally's voice. It instantly gave me butterflies. I saw Ally and a middle age lady that looked alot like Ally. They both had simply brown hair, and the greenest eyes ever. Man i don't know how i was going to get through this night. 

Ally's POV 

      I saw Worry in Niall's eyes.Thats not good. I rushed up to him and kissed him, hoping to make him stop worrying. "Ohhhh" I heard 4 british accents say behind Niall. I looked up to see 4 gorgeous boys. But I only have eyes for Niall. "Hello Niall's Girlfriend" The one wearing a stripped shirt and red jeans. "Um hi?" I said confused. "Oh ya Im Louis" the same guy said."And this is Zayn" He pointed to a guy with black hair and very beautiful hazel eyes."This is Liam" He then pointed to a guy that looked a lot like Justin Bieber. "This is Harry" He lastly pointed to a boy with curly brown hair and a cheeky grin on his face. "Hi Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry." I smiled at the 4 boys. "And i bet you alredy know everything about me." I looked at Niall. He blushed and I started giggling. "So hey everyone meet my Mum." I pointed at my Mum "Mum this is Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry" My Mums eyes went wide. "Your One Direction!" What was my mom talking about? "What is One Direction?" Everyone turned and looked at me with shocked faces. "Its a famous boy band and we are them" Niall simply stated. "Oh" Is all i could say. My boyfriend was famous! "Well lets eat then" My mum was the first to recover.

    The whole dinner was surprisingly fun. Louis made jokes about every 5 seconds. I also found some pretty weird stuff out about them. Liam is scared of spoons, Louis loves carrots, Zayn loves himself, Niall love Justin Bieber, and Harry likes pussy cats. They were some weird boys if you ask me. I think my mum really like all of them. After dinner everyone said goodbye to my mum. They even addressed her as her first name, Amy.Wow one dinner and they practically are calling my mum their mum! I kissed my mum goodbye and got in the van to go to the Boys flat. 

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