Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved

Ally Hilton enjoys taking pictures and running in the morning while on vacation in Florida. One morning while on a run she runs into someone unexpected. Will it be a long lasting relationship or short summer romance?


1. Running into someone unexpected

Ally's POV

  I left a note on the counter for my Mom. I like to go on runs in the morning and take pictures of the sky. I have been doing since my Dad walked out on us, 7 years ago. Im 17 now, I'll be 18 in a week. So since then my Mom always wants to know where I am, 24/7. Mom always complains that i have too many pictures on the sky. She just doesn't see the beauty in the sky, how the sun makes the clouds look weird. I plugged my earphones in and put my Ed Sheeran playlist on. I started slowly jogging down the beach. It was early so not many people were out. Just the way I liked it. Kiss me stared playing and I hummed along. I want looking at where i was going and i suddenly hit a solid wall of some sort. Did I run into a wall again. I was such a klutz sometimes. I felt something hot running down my shirt. I looked down and saw coffee running down my shirt. I shrugged, I was only wearing an old basketball shirt. What coffee on a wall "Whaa-" I looked up into startling blue eyes. I yanked my earbuds out.  "Um I'm sooo sorry I didn't mean t-" I cut him off. He had a heavy irish accent. "No, I'm sorry i wasn't looking where I was going and ran into you." I smiled not really bothered by my stained shirt.

Niall's POV

   I was walking on the beach. It was mostly empty. Good maybe the paps wont find me here. I thought to myself. I noticed a beautiful girl running. She had her straight brown hair in a high ponytail. She wore an old T and basketball shorts. I sipped my coffee and looked at my phone. Liam texted me something about a day at the beach or something. I suddenly felt someone run into me. I noticed it was the runner. She looked down at her shirt with coffee, confused. She shrugged and looked up. "Whaa-" She stopped mid sentence looking into my eyes. She yanked her earbuds out. "Um I'm sooo sorry I didn't mean t-" She cut me off "No I'm sorry i wasn't looking where i was going and ran into you." She smiled at me. "Um I'm Niall." She thought for a moment probably wondering if she knew me. "Im Ally. Ally Hilton." She smiled and reached her hand out. I took it and shook her hand. "Do I know you, Niall?" She asked me with an innocent look on her face. I think I was starting to like her. "Im Niall Horan from One Direction." She looked shocked at first then relaxed and smile her heart warming smile. "Cool" I guess it was my time to be shocked. She didn't jump all over me or anything. "So your not going to scream or claim your undying love for me? Or asked for a picture or an autograph?" She chuckled at me. "Naw. I have a shirt with your coffee on it." I blushed "Right i forgot. So about that let me buy you a shirt and we can get coffee and talk if you want?" This time she blushed "Sounds like a plan."

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