If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


7. You and me baby

"Now speak" i looked at him "can you please sit down next to me it feels weird looking up at you" "yes of coarse he sat down next to me then he pulled me on to his lap "this better?" "umm yeah" he swirked at me cause he saw how much of an inpacked he just had on me "now tell" he said sliding one hand down to my waist. "my boyfriend ex boyfriend now he had he" "you can tell me" "he did that with another girl" i said crying again throwing my face into his chest he put his hand on my head then he rubbed my back and said "you need to sleep babe" rubbing my back "i dont wanna lay down right now" "who said anything about laying down your staying right here in my arms so i know you wont burst out again and be alone" then i nodded in his chest then he started singing in my ear 'i-i wanna save your wanna save your heart tonight he'll only break ya leave you torn apart oh... all that you want is under your nose, yeah you should open your eyes but they stay closed closed..i-i wanna save your wanna save your heart tonight he'll only break ya leave you torn apart oh, i cant be no superman but for you ill be super human'- *save you tonight* by the time i new it i was alsleep and dreaming about harry which was weird but comforting. i woke up and i was in harrys room wearing harrys clothes i sat up looked around then got up i smelt his shirt and smiled but then walked to his dresser and saw all these awrds on it and they all said 'one direction' on them and i thought long and hard where have i heard that before oh yeah my nease she obsessed with them oh my gosh thats crazy i never knew then i felt a hand on my sholder and it sent chills down my spine i looked at it then turned around only to bump right into harry are chests touching i looked up at him he touched my face i put my hand over his then put my other hand on his waist his hair was wet like he had just gotten out of the shower "Harry your voice" i looked at his lips then back at his eyes "it was so beautiful i never heard anything like it before one direction is that your band" he didnt say anything for a bit "yes it is you havent heard us play have you?" i let my hand slid of his waist down his leg then took it back to my side i turned around and looked at all the awards "you have an amazing talent i hope i get to hear you sometime." "you will i promise that he said backing up and shakeing his hair he went over to his dresser and started searching for an outfit i looked at him "ill let you go then umm and thank you i really appreciate what you did for me thank you" he looked up from his dresser and into a mirror "you had a boyfriend hmm" .. "yeah?" "do you still care for him after this" i started to feel the tears a bit but i had to stay strong "no i think i have someone else in my heart right now" he turned and looked at me "hes a lucky guy" i was so confused did he not get who i was talking about "you know who is to actually" i said laughing and walking closer to him laughing a bit "really" he said walking closer to me "yeah he's got brown hair it curly but when its wet it looks like a mop" i said laughing and running out of the room pushing harry onto the bed as i ran away. 

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