If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


14. You a terrible patient

My P.OV-

so good to be back home its been a week since the hospital but im still in so much pain but Harry's been so good to me i called my mom and told her all that's been happening she was so worried and insisted on coming down but harry didn't need her to so. "ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW" trying to sit up harry comes running in "no no no no no i dont think so there" "harry its been a week i need to get up i look like crap and my painting!" "you can worry about all that when your better now cant you" he said laying me back down "im just gonna try and get up and.."  he gave me and evil look  "for every time you try to get up ill give you  mean love bites itll be more just like a sharp bite on the neck!" he winked and stood up need anything "yes actually" "whats that babe" "a glass of water please" "okay ill be right back stay laying down" he kissed me quick and ran fast out the door okay try and get up i can do this "Ow... ow" a tear came down my face now "why is this so god damn painful i hate this" harry then walked in i wiped my tears away and tryed to lay back down but he caught me "were you trying to get up?" "no i droped my thing yup and i tryed to get it" "what thing i dont see anything there" he said smiling evily and coming closer "harry come on, im wounded dont hurt me more" "you wouldnt be hurting if you stayed laying down" putting the glass of water down "im sorry" "sorrys not good enough" he jumping on top of me "i swear to god ill" "what what are you gonna do your wounded remmeber" he said winking "yeah i am" i said biteing my lip and looking at his lips "oh no your not getting a kiss" "harry no they hurt" trying to push him of but then he held my head side ways and gave me a kiss on the neck. i smiled "harry if those are you love bites i wish youd threaten me with them more often" i said laughing "now im serious okay next time i will give you a love bite if try to get up not just a kiss on the neck please i want you to get healed again and soon" he wispered in my ear "your right" i said and was about to pull him closer when he touched my stomache i yelp and pushed him up "OW OW" i screamed and cryed "im sorry kierha i should have leaned down im sorry" "harry no no that was not you fault that was mine i pulled you down im sorry okay that was not your fault okay" i moved over  "come here" i pated the bed "no im sorry i have to go for a second" he was crying but he just ran out fast "Harry no wait" i started to get i cried quietly until i was up i started to move slowly out the door and into the hall way until one of the members who i havent meet yet saw me and then he rushed up satirs "no no no you get back in your room harry has us all on watch for you he said something about tell him and he will give you a love bite and harrys are mean so im warning you lets go" he said "wait" i coughed "im Kierha i havent really meet you though" "Im Liam" he was really nice he smiled "no lets go back to your bed" "okay but can you tell harry that it wasnt his fault and i want to see him." "okay now lets go"

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