If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


2. Why are you questioning me so much?

"Um excuse me sir but im sorry your actually in my seat ri-i" he cut me off "im sorry i was actually hopeing to sit here cause the window seat freaks me out" he said looking at me and wow he was gorgeous green eyes brown curly hair like way hotter then Justin oh yeah Justin.. dont stare dont stare "Oh really that's fine i actually love sitting in the window seat" i smiled and lifted up my carry on to put in the cabinet above his seat "uhh sorry umm but would you mind helping being 5'1 really is not helping me right now" i looked at him " of coarse babe here" he took my bag and lifted it up and into the cabinet "thanks alot.." "Harry its Harry" his smile was so cute "Im Kierha nice to meet you" as i sat down and he sat down next to me "so why are you going to London if you dont mind me asking?" i turned to look at him "oh umm its along and boring story" i smiled and turned to look out the window "well i have time and im pretty sure you do to" he says winking at me and i laughed a bit and put my hands in my pockets "well if you must know, im a painter hoping to be professional in the next ten or so years but we will see any ways in going to paint London then hopefully rome is i win um this thing" i smiled and scratched my head "tell me about" he smiled and leaned his head side ways like he was investigating me "umm well it just a competition for the best painting out of like five hundred the winner gets half a million dollars i think if i win ill use that money to go to rome then paint there its plan i never really thought through but i mean im still young so i need do this now" i said looking away "yeah sure sure" i turned and looked at him with my eyebrows up "what you dont like my plan dont worry you wouldnt be the first so i dont care sorry i just i dont any more okay" i said turning away from him again "no i just think you should know what you want before you do it if this is really what you want good then that makes me happy but if your only thinking about this because of age then i think thats dumb but again maybe im wrong i dont know" he said looking at his phone "yeah" i said looking out the window as we took off..

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