If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


13. Where am I?

Harrys P.O.V-

'okay we need to put her under sugery okay maybe call her parents?' "i dont know the number" 'well then wait here' we waited five hours until a nurse came out and got us and said we could see her now so me louis niall liam and zayn all went into the room to see her, the man knifed her right in the stomache. "is sh okay" i asked the nurse 'she seems fine but after the knifeing she went into shock' "oh" i said crying now "harry you really feel for this girl eh mate?" niall said pating my shoulder "yeah she my girlfriend" "SHE IS" louis scream "yes lou but be quiter okay" "i thought she turned you down that why she ran out?" liam asked "yeah but when we were on the phone she told me she wanted to be my girlfriend but she was cut of but those ass holes!" "harry calm down here take a seat" zayn said pulling out a chair -----2 hours later------ "Harry..??" i rubbed my eyes i must had fallen asleep i look up to see kierha trying to sit up "harry? help me i cant move!" "kierha stay still okay just lay down babe" .. "harry what happend to me" she looked at me so scared it hurt so bad a tear went down my face and she wiped it away i grabbed her hand her touch made me so much better "harry whats wrong are you okay?" "yes im happy your alive!" "why what happend!" she asked confused and i was confused i looked at her "you dont remmeber you ran of and a man stabbed you" "why did i run off?" "because i asked you out.." "what did i say harry?" "no at first but then yes.." "oh you know my answer then right?" i frowned "yes..its a no im guessing" letting go of her hand "no handsome its a yes now can you give me your hand back" she laughed and i smiled and took her hand "harry??" "yes babe?" "can you umm" she moved over on her bed "no kierha your stomache" "please harry i wont ask for anything every again just please.." her voice stated shakeing how could i ever say no to her again "okay but carefully" she smiled at me "and you can ask for things all you want" i winked and laughed at her "shut up and hold me" she laughed and dug her head into my chest and kissed me but then she wispered somthing that made me feel so specail just for that second with her "harry your voice gave me strength that night i remember that. you saved me you are my superhuman" 


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