If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


6. We need to talk..

When i woke up the next morning i heard shuffleing around the house boys laughing sounded like five boys right down the stairs from my door laughing there heads off. so i got up and put on my paint clothes which is a long white shit and tight black leggings my white shirt has paint all over it. i brushed my hair and put it up in a bun and put a head band on and clipped fly away i took out my water color kit and slipped on my nikes then walked out of the room with my phone in my ear calling Justin i looked around and the guys werent there anymore oh well i walked down the stairs to here Justin answer the phone i stopped right there in the foyeh and justin said 'yellow' 'hey babe it me im just calling to tell you it day one and here i go and not to worry im fine and safe and all is well' 'oh yeah thats good look babe we need to talk about somthing later but ill talk to you after your done painting okay' 'no i wanna know now justin?' 'no ill tell you later' 'why cant i know now' didnt even realise i was yelling 'cause' 'cause is not an answering cause is a stupid word you use to think i wont ask any more but im gonna so talk' 'okay okay' there was a pause 'im listening' 'i cheated on you with this girl last night i had a one night stand and im sorry i didnt mean to i got drunk and it happen' i droped my phone as a tear came down my eye i felt an arm swing me around and i hit someone chest but i could hear or think or anything right now i felt a tight squeeze then i snapped back and held on to who ever was huggin me tight with my face in the chest crying they rubbed my back and told me"shh its okay shh im here just hold on to me" my arms held tighter and tighter i stood there for a good ten minutes squished in this awesome smelling persons arms then i started to let go and rub my eyes so i could see who it was when i looked up i saw harrys chin right over my head stilll hugging me i backed up with my hands on his chest still i looked up at him "thank you" "talk to me babe" he said leading me to his room he lifted me up and put me on his bed.

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