If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


4. This is so nice.

"okay here we are my home" he said smileing at me i looked at hime then the house then him then house "this is where you live holy man" "i know right" he said smirking "oh i live here with another lad though louis" "does he have an british accent like you" i said nudging him he smiled "yes ma'am he does" i laughed...... "okay so ill bring you to your room" "okay" i responded smileing at him he smiled right back then lead me up the stair and turned around to make sure i was following with a smile still on his face "here it is" he said smileing "we havent had a guest in this room yet so your the first" he said smileing "oh" "well ill leave you to put your things away and heres a key" he haded me a key of his key ring "oh" "well ill leave you to it then": he said walking away then he turned around and ran back "oh um where did you say you were from again?" "oh Canada" "oh okay i could tell kind of i was just not positive though, louis will be intrested in meeting you" he said walking away "oh okay" i said as he walked away i put my things away then slipped into pjs i was so exahausted now. i fell into the king sized bed and went under the seats and blacket i turned the light off and was soon asleep.

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