If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


20. Packing, Driving= Leaving

My P.O.V

I hear my phone buzz *Harry Calling* uhh like im going to answer.. im calling a hotel.

'hello how may i help you?' "Hi i saw that this hotel has just opened back up could i check in?" 'Umm yes but we only have suites right now is that fine?' "yeah sure just im coming now" 'okay ma'am see you soon' "thanks bye." 'buh-bye' Im leaving and never turning back after that we have been dating for a month now and you cant tell people about us that's just sick.. my cabs here finally. ____20 Min later____  'here you are your hotel ma'am' "thanks here's 20 dollars" 'thank you need help with your bags?' "yeah sure" i smiled as the man brought the bags up to my room and i checked in when i got to the room i tipped the driver and went in wow was it a beautiful room! king sized bed and a giant bathroom.

Harry's P.O.V  "Harry her room is empty she's not in here either" Niall said yelling down the stairs "Not in here either she's gone harry im sorry" Liam said patting me on the back and rubbing my back "she cant be gone i love her?" "i know man" Zayn said with a worried face i knew they really did care. "Where do you think could have gone Haz?" Lou said touching my face "I don't know her hotel closed so i invited her here and then-" "what hotel?" Liam said jumping up from his chair "the calivanna" Liam opened his eyes wide and smiled "that hotel just opened back up today "What" i said with excitement "Yeah just opened back up do you wanna go there?" "yes like now" i said grabbing my keys and running out the door.


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