If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


19. Lies Hurt.

Its been a week now and me and harry have been happy as ever together. so in love and im just so happy with him "babe im going now" i hear from down the stairs "okay love" i say yelling back down the stairs "love you bye" i hear as he opens the door "bye love you to harry" i say smiling and i hear all the boys down the stairs "ouuuuuuuu harryyyyy" that just made me laugh.  Interview- 'okay so we are here today with the boys of one direction' "Hello" -Zayn "hey" -Louis "hello"- Niall "hi" -Harry "hello" -Liam 'okay so im going to ask you guys question individually and then you guys can start to sing for the fan out side' "sounds good" -Liam 'okay Niall i hear you are a ladies man is this true; "Im gonna be okay with that rumour" all the boys laugh then they all get different questions and they answer them but now it was Harry's time  ' harry there are some rumours you are dating some one is that true or do you want to put though's rumours to bed?' "Umm" harry looked down and then over to someone off to the side then looked back at the camera "No i don't not have a girlfriend out there" My heart dropped broken, torn, why what .......... i need to leave.

Harry's P.O.V Okay guys we are on ion 20 "aright" i yelled back to the interviewer, then simon came up to me "Harry i need to talk to you!" "yeah okay simon what's up?" "The fans that's what they haven't been really happy with the idea of you having a girl friend so i think that in this interview you don't mention the girlfriend and if its brought up i want you to deny deny deny, deny everything" "but simon what if she's watching?" "she's not im sure i thought she was a painter?" "yeah she is but-" "then painter paint during the day okay just do it i have to go okay" "i umm okay i just" '5 minutes' "go harry"... We all were introduced and then it was question time and everyone answered there question but i had to be last my heart was racing a bit and then he asked me it of coarse.. ' harry there are some rumours you are dating some one is that true or do you want to put though's rumours to bed?' "Umm" i responded not knowing what to say so i looked down then back over to simon who was looking at me with anger i had to.. "No i don't have a girlfriend out there" there it was the lie then i stood up and walked out of the interviewers room i have to call kierha i have to *ring, ring* errg no answer! what if she did see it call again *this user is busy right now call back later thank you* busy maybe she was trying to call me back who knows?   

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