If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


9. just jokes, but didnt seem to funny?

so its been two days now since mine and harrys kiss and we never really saw each other much after it actually at all he's been at a studio place or something and as for me ive been painting i leave at 7:00am and get back at 1:00am so. but today is my "day off" i should call it im probably going to be lazy today and sleep and eat and sleep and do nothing cause i dont think harrys home? i dont know? then i hear a really hot irish boy i think he sounds irsh oh yeah the blonde one! singing down the hall ' close the door, throw the key, dont wanna be reminded don't wanna be seen, dont wanna be with out you my judements clouded, like tonights sky.' wow he sings so good like harry but they sound different but there both so amazing! i walk down the halls and stop right before the room then i sneeze "haa chu" then i hear "hello?" in an irsh accent and i walk in front of the door "im sorry i just heard you singing and i i dont know aha but your really amazing at singing more then amazing aha" then i look down "well come sit right here next me.. im niall by the way you know what happened a couple days back umm im sorry!" i look up oh yeah that was him "that fine i didnt close the door aha" i sat next to him "Im Kierha so are you in the same band as harry?" then i heard a voice behind me "yes he is and so am i" i turn around to see a boy leaning against the door frame beautiful chocolate eyes and really cool hair "Im Zayn by the way" "Kierha" i said smiling and he smiled back "I know who you are i heard a lot about you" "yeah same" niall said after was harry talking about me? was it good or bad?  "well umm so are there others in the band?" "yeah louis and liam and i think you already know harry" zayn said winking  i blushed then i heard laughing the zayn turned his head out the door then looked at me and niall and said "well there he is the man him self" zayn said loudly then i heard from down stairs "are you guys talking about me up there" harry yelled back then niall joined in "hey harry look who we found i thinking she got a likeing to me" he laughed winked and nudged me i smiled and laughed a little back then i heard harry running up the stairs and then zayn closed the door and me and niall were listening to what they were saying zayn: "you cant go in the, nialls makeing out with that kierha girl" he said laughing then i heard harry "thats not funny to me let me in there" then i heard him push zayn and he walked in i stood up and looked at harry who looked mad then niall who was laughing "umm harry i wasnt kissing nial" i said smileing at harry then he looked at me with relief and smiled back "do you wanna go get something to eat?" he asked  "yeah i would love to" smileing and walking over to harry and hugging him "i missed you" i wispered in his ear " i missed you to babe" he responed back.

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