If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


10. Im not ready for this?

me and harry got dressed and ready to go out for something to eat when i walked out i was wearing a red dress and black flats and a black clutch with a black necklace and a ring i walked out and walked down the stairs and then over to harrys room i knocked on the door. and harry popped his head out "im not ready im still in my boxers you can come in if you want" opening the door "are you sure" i said looking down at his body he smirked at me "come on in babe" i walked in and sat on his bed "what shirt white or blue with these pants?" "your such a girl harold, the blue ones" i said the blue because i was a tight v neck he laughed and smiled and winked at him as he put it on "okay lets go" he said putting his toms on "okay" we walked out to his car and i got in the passenger side we drove to a lake and then he put it in park then turned at me i looked at him and smiled "ready for the harry special?" "should i be scared?" i said jokeingly "yes" he said laughing he took out to plates and some meat things he made i looked at him "awwe harry you did not have to do this, this is so cute" i said smileling "yes i did have to do this" i looked at him confused "kierha i want to ask you something but i dont want you to get freaked out or anything.." "i wont" i said grabbing his hands in mine "will you go out with me like girlfriend boyfriend type deal?" i looked at him "Harry what?" "i know i know its so soon but i have so many feelings when im with you its crazy and i dont know what to do when i thought you kissed niall i was so mad and sad and i just-" "harry.. i cant its not you i just umm" "oh" "please harry i really like you to i think about you so much its just theres a problem but i im sorry i have to go" he looked at me as i opened the door to his car and ran out and ran and ran what was i doing im so stupid im so stupid!  Harrys P.O.V-

"Kierha!! Kierha wait no where are you going my house is miles away from here!" by the time i yelled that she was no where to be seen disapered into the darkness? 

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