If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


18. I Love You

"can i see the painting you painted of me a week ago?" harry asked "no its not good enough yet" "babe im sure its fine!" he looks at me with a laugh "but i know its not so.. im not showing it to you" he shakes his head "you make me laugh" "shut up" "no you shut up" "your still a little boy inside aren't you" i say winking at him he chuckles and nods in agreement "im going to bed for a bit i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow  me and the boys are going to go record some of are new album and work on it a bit more okay?" "yeah okay have a good sleep" i say smiling at him he laughs and looks down then back up at me "that was an invitation for you to" he says winking "oh babe im sorry but i thought id work on the painting for bit" i say walking over to him "but i really want you to i don't know if i can sleep other wise" he says with a sad face "i think you'll be able to" i say kissing him then walking by him "errg fine if i have to" yelling as i walk up the stairs "you have to" i say yelling back at him in my room.. ------2 hours later------ there im finally done the painting this one is so going in the competition! i wonder if i should sleep here or with harry? hmm ill go peek in Harry's room..... tip toe tip toe i look in to see harry looking at his phone and reading texts "i thought you said you were going to sleep" i startle him making him drop his phone on his face "ohh im sorry" "no that's fine i told you i couldn't sleep without you" he says laughing and i laugh back at him "well maybe i change my mind i dont think i want to" i say winking and laughing he starts to get up from his bed and looks at me "ill just lock in the room then and then you will have no choice" as he starts walking closer "im not in the room im out side the room" i say backing out of the room as he starts to walk faster to me i start to run away then right as im at the stair boom he catches me on the stairs i lay down on the stairs "okay good night ill sleep right here then" i say closing my eyes a little silence then i feel his lips touch mine and i kiss back then he backs up and looks down at me "I love you" i open my eyes and look at harry whose hovered over me "Harry" i say touching his face he smiles "I  love you too" i say leaning up for another kiss.

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