If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


3. I guess.. but only for a while

ahhh oh man i feel asleep... hmm what the.. ohh awkward im on this guys sholder.. i lifted my head up rubbing my eyes i looked at him to notice if he noticed me cuddled up on him.. oh no thank god hes a sleep roght now that would have been awkward aha i moved over and checked my phone 4:00 am oh man i hope we are almost there I just wanna get to my hotel and crash. **itercom** "hello everyone i hope you enjoyed the ride cause we are going to start descending right away now, but for now i have some up dates in from london. hotel calivanna is not going to be availble for three months or longer because of misunderstanding" i sat right up fast wakeing harry the guy beside me up he looked at me i hand my hand on either sides of my face "whats wrong Kierha" he asked me i looked at him "oh nothing its fine dont worry about me" i gave him a fake smile but he saw right throught it "No" he said a little bit louder this time i looked at him "sorry, i wanna know though tell me Kieha" harry said putting his hand on mine "its just the lady on the thing just said that the hotel i was staying just like all of a suden closed and i have like a booking there for a month now and now i dont know ill figure it out" i said looking back out the window with his hand still over mine i didnt really even notice or care "no thats dumb youll stay with me how bout i have an extra room and im not a creep other wise you probably would have suggested to move so and i need company while im back it would be kinda cool i think" he said smileing at me "no i cant do that" "yes you can and you will come on its fine" "really are you sure" i said confused and looking at him "yeah im postive" he said smiling bigger.. "umm hmm okay thank you alot thats crazy"i said smileing 

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