If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


8. Are first kiss

I hid behind the diner table. then i heard foot steps coming closer to the table my heart was racing i was actually pretty scared to now know what he was going to do.. i heard "kierha come come out where ever you are" then i heard another voice "who Kierha mate" was it that blonde boy from earlyier? "the girl i told you about lou who staying here" oh i was louis the one he talked about on the way here i think yeah?? i think then another voice "vas hapenin boys did you see that girl run right past the living room it look like she came in here?" oh thanks guy you just gave me away "so shes in here huh" harry said laughing and he said it loudly just so i would here i moved farther and farther back so i was now under the table "well then ill just wait for her to come out then" harry said laughing louder and sitting down in the chair so his feet were almost touching me then the other two boys walked away i heard harry yawn... so grabbed his feet scarying him right out of his chair he stood up and right when i tryed to run out from under the table he caught me and he lifted me up  and scream "harry no put me down" then he looked at me "okay he said throwing me in the air and cathcing me again "HARRY!" "what?" he smirked and looked at me "put me down or else" "or else what?" he said with a curious face "ill never speak to you again" i said smirking back at him "well then, you just wont talk and i can tickle you" he said with an evil look "you wouldnt" "oh trust me i would" he said smiling down at me "okay fine.. you win" i said looking down he put me down a grabbed me chin "you give up way to easy"he said smirking at me then he walked closer to me so his chest was touching mine now again "maybe if you werent so cute" i said laughing and pushing him "so you think im cute" he laughs as he starts walking closer "maybe" he laughs "well babe if i be extra cute could i get a kiss" i looked up at him and blushed so bad "if you want one" he laughed "trust me i do" as he grabs my waist pulling me closer and closer then i look so were exactly 15 cm away "what are you waiting for, scare-e" he intupts me with a kiss i put my hands around his neck then he pulls away but then i bring him back down for another one and then i back away "stop being so tempting all the time" he says winking "ill try not to" i say laughing.

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