If not now.. then when?

When Kierha moves to London to paint it, does she find more then just beautiful sight s and painting utensils? does she find the love of her life? does she act on it?


17. A week later (Rated R)

"Im fine harry i can pour my own cereal and milk and use my own spoon!" "spoon i heard spoon" "liam not for you for me" "ohh woosh okay good aha" "anyways harry im fine okay!" "i know love im just scared" i smiled at him he really did care i guess that all he has been doing "harry will come with me to some place for and hour or so after 6?" "umm i cant go for six but i can go for 4:30 and then we can have diner and maybe makeout or something till 6?" he winked at me and nudged me "harry louis in the room stop!" "oh I don't care i have my carrots this is like television to me" he laughed and we laughed with him "harry im going to paint you" "thats what you want to do at 6?" "yeah i wanna paint you" "okay ive never been painted before so cool alright love sounds good with me." -----2 hours later---------- "KIERHA its 4 aclock were leaving at 4:30 so hurry" harry held from the bottom of the stairs "okay" i yelled back i walked out in a pink tight beginning and a fluffy lighter pink ending. "you look Beautiful" i blushed and smiled at him as i walked down the stair and then the last stair came and i jumped into his arms and he swung me around i kissed and said "you make me feel safe in your arms and when your far i just smell your close i wear after every day and im happy again harry" he looked at me and smiled and then kissed me hard and put me down not breaking the kiss. "okay lets go" he said after 5 minutes of making out. "Okay lets" we laughed and walked out the door. we got to a ice cream place and then ordered ice cream we sat in his vehicle talking about are pasts and stupid things we did then i take big things of ice cream and fling it at him "HEY" "hey" i say back mocking him "your gonna wish you never did that" i laugh "no im not wish that all actaully" i wink at him the i hear him un buckle his seat belt and sit up i was looking out the window no when i feel a huge sharp pain on my neck i look down to see harry love biting my neck over and over again "ow harry cut i out stop" he take my hands so i couldnt move them "harry no stop that hurts" he stops and smiles "dont mess with the messer" he winks "harry your not a messer i could beat you up" he laughs "try then" he grave my hands and jumps on top of me and hits the button to put the seat down "thats not far i wasnt ready" he laughs "you werent ready excuses excuses your afraid of me arent you just admit it im stronger that you" i move a squirm around by he has my hands hard in a styles grip "harry seriously" "Admit it and ill let you go dont and i wont simple as 123" "harry 123 kiss me" he laughs and leans down and brushes his lips over mine teasing and being mean "harry knock it off " "admit it baby and ill let you go" he whispers in my ear "maybe i dont wanna be let go" i say coming closer to his lips, he kisses me deeper and deeper into a kiss then he slids my hands up and takes his shirt off i wrap my legs around him we start to get really in to when a security guard knocks on the window "Oh my god harry" harry throws his shirt over me as i hide in it he says 'sorry' to the security guard and we start to drive away. 

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