Were Have You Been

Alex is sick of her boyfriend, Jimmy. He comes home late from parties, and always insults you and says, "You have to admit, that one was funny!" but it never was. He always treats her like a mentally challenged baby. She finally broke up with him and moved out. She had enough money saved up to get a new house, and she loved it. Soon enough she meets 5 boys when one catches her eye, and she caught his eye. What will their relationship hold?


3. Time To Go Home

Alex's POV:

"We saw what you and Niall where doing..." I say with a wink to Lexie. "How?!?!" she says. "We walked into the VIP room and saw more than we wanted to." I say, laughing my head off. I was drunk. Well, everyone was. We get a taxi and get in. We go to there flat, and I say, "I'm going to take a shower." I find the towels and head to the bathroom. I lock the door, becuase I always do, and get undressed. I turn the shower on and start showering. I hear a knock on the door and I say, "What?" "Alex, when will you bee done?" Lexie says."Soon!" a little whiles after I finish and when I open the door, she barges in. and is half naked  before I can shut the door. She must be very hot and sweaty. When I shut the door I see Harry, and he says, "Do you want to borrow some of my clothes?" "Yeah, Thanks." Wait. Hold the phone. I hooked up with harry Styles of One Direction at a club, now I'm sleeping at their house? All in one night? If that how the dice rolls, I guess. He leaves the room so I can get changed, and when I come out I just fishtail my hair. I go downstairs and they are playing twister. I start playing and I win. "How come your so flexible?" Harry asks. "I've been a gymnast since I was 5." Then Lexie comes down in Niall clothes and we decide to play truth or dare. "Alright, Alex, Truth or Dare?" Louis asked. "Dare!" "Alright. I dare you to kiss Lexie." I laugh really hard and instead of kissing her, I lick my hand and slap it on her lips. "Nope! Lip on lip!" Louis demands. We do a little peck, not even considered a kiss. And everyone laughs. We play for about a hour more and relize it is 3:00 am. "Where should we sleep?" I ask to no one in paticular. "Uh you can sleep in our beds and me and Niall will sleep down here, I guess." Harry says. "No, we'll sleep down here. It's your guys' rooms. "No, you girls sleep in our beds." Harry protests. Lexie gives me a look and I say, "Alright." Me and Lexie go to bed and before Harry leaves the room I say, "No, don't go. Please." "Okay." He says as he climbs unde the covers. "I really like you, Alex." he says. "I like you too, Harry." I respond. He puts his arm around me and  scoots me closer. I fall asleep soon and when I wake up, I have a migrain and I'm about to throw up. I go straight to the toilet and start throwing up. I feel a hand on my back. I turn around and it's Harry. "Sorry I woke you up." I say. "No! Don't worry, I will get you some medicene." "Thank You, for everyhting." you say. Why did he let you crash here? Why was he treating you so nice? You where just a normal girl, this dose NOT happen to normal girls.

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