Were Have You Been

Alex is sick of her boyfriend, Jimmy. He comes home late from parties, and always insults you and says, "You have to admit, that one was funny!" but it never was. He always treats her like a mentally challenged baby. She finally broke up with him and moved out. She had enough money saved up to get a new house, and she loved it. Soon enough she meets 5 boys when one catches her eye, and she caught his eye. What will their relationship hold?


1. The Breakup


"Why are you leaving me?!?!" Jimmy asked. "Oh I don't know, you come home late from parties asking for sex, you insult me and make up for it by saying it was a joke, and you always talk to me like I'm some sort of toddler! And I'm sick of it!" I say while packing up stuff. "Fine! I don't need you! You are just some American whore!" he responds. "OOOH. GOOD ONE." I say sarcasticlly. I finially pack up everything in my car an drive off. I head to my friend, Lexie's place, to live there until I get a job and an apartment, at least. "Hi Alex!" she says and gives me a hug. "Hey Lexie. Me and Jimmy have just broken up, and I need a place to crash for a while. Mind if I stay here until I get a job and apartment?" "Oh Alex! Of course! Let me help you bring your stuff in." We bring in some of my clothes, bathroom stuff like shampoo, conditioner, blah blah blah. I then go to the bank to deposit some money, and I have $500,000 in there. "Shit, Alex! You won't be with Lexie for long!" I think to myself. When I walk into her house you decide to have dinner. After all, it was 7:00 pm. I heat up some pizza and turn on the TV. It was now 8:00, so I change into my PJs. "Alex! We be going partying tonight!" Lexie yells. "Hell yeah!" I respond. I hop off my lazy bum and get in a dark green tight dress to show of my eyes. I put on some black pumps, curl my hair, and put on my makeup. I grab my clutch while Lexie is waiting for me. We leave, and go to this new club. We get in, and I order a few shots. By then we decide to get dancing. We actually dont meet any guys (yet!) but we did meet some pretty cool girls and start talking. A guy starts grinding on me and I walk away trying to give him the hint I'm uninterested. But he won't stop. We finally all walk to a new part of the club. We loose him, thankfully. A group of five boys who look like... no. It can't be. Can it? It has to be! One Direction!!  

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