Were Have You Been

Alex is sick of her boyfriend, Jimmy. He comes home late from parties, and always insults you and says, "You have to admit, that one was funny!" but it never was. He always treats her like a mentally challenged baby. She finally broke up with him and moved out. She had enough money saved up to get a new house, and she loved it. Soon enough she meets 5 boys when one catches her eye, and she caught his eye. What will their relationship hold?


2. Drinking and Dancing

Alex's POV:

"Helllllllllloooooooooo ladies!" Louis said, sounding pretty drunk. "Curly here fancies you!!!" he continues, looking at me. I look at Harry and blush. He punches Louis in the balls and says "Shut up, Louis!" "It's okay, you don't look to bad yourself!" I say with a smile. "Thank You." he says, blushing, looking at the ground. "You know what he said? He said, 'She's hot.' " Niall says, also sounding very drunk. "Thanks." I said to Harry, blushing. "Stop it!" he said to Niall. He sounds drunk too. Fun fun fun. Me and Harry start dancing  (if ya know what I mean ;D) away from the group. We start kissing, and he gives me a hickie. Then I see Jimmy. "Uh lets go somewhere else..." I say. "Why, love?" he asks "My ex is here." "Don't worry, if he bothers you I'll protect you." he says. "I notice you have an American accent?" he adds on. "Yeah. I moved here last year for Universety. I'm starting this August." I say. It was June so I was getting all my classes aranged and such. "Oh, cool. What are you majoring?" he says while sitting down at the bar. "Photograhy and Marketing." I say sitting down next to him. "

Harry's POV:

I liked her becuase she looked pretty, but then when I got to know her I learned she is very smart, not like some sort of dumb bimbo. "So where in America are you from?" I say. "Philadelphia. I've been missing it a lot latley, I don't know why." she says. "Oh. Where in Philly? Like South, West, you know." "Center City. But whenever I went out with my friends we always explored the whole city." she said. I always loved touring the cities we visit, but in Philadelphia I just never got the chance. The bartender asks, "What would you 2 like?" he asked. "Some beer please." she says. "Same here, please." I say. "Hmm, I never caught your name, love?" "Alex. Alex Rodgers." She says with her charming smile. The beer comes and we tip the man. We go to the VIP room and we see Niall and Alex's friend half naked, making out. They didn't notice us, luckily, so we closed the door and sat back at the bar. I enjoyed talking with her, and we laughed a lot. Soon all the boys found us and it was time to leave.


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