My True Love:Living with 🆔

Again,you have to read to find out;)


3. Zayn's Jealous &BRYANA'S BIRTHDAY!!!

10:27 PM-
              -Niall's POV-
We were in the room and Bryana went to change in the bathroom into her pajama's I did too in the room.She came back and we sat on the edge of the bed we looked at each other and starting making out again.This time it felt amazing! We grooved,there was tongue,and head movements.It was just great!And right in the middle of our make-out session Zayn barged in and saw us making out we pulled away as soon as his jaw dropped. Man was I so mad that was the best kiss in the world and he ruined it!"What is it Zayn?!"I yelled at him." Uh,n-never..m-mind."he said leaving.After he left we closed the door and continued making-out.
               -Zayn's POV-
 I saw Niall making-out with Bryana I got so jealous!And when they said they were leaving to go on a date it broke me!Wait, what am I saying he's my best friend,we're lads and I'm saying I'm jealous of him and his girlfriend. Who am I ? I'm not who I am anymore.
-11:36 PM-
              -Niall's POV-
 "Oh it's getting late we should start going to bed." I said to her as I pulled away we covered our selves with the blanket and turned on the TV.
 *In the Morning*
-9:30 AM-
               -Niall's POV-
I woke up before Bryana but I didn't cook breakfast because it was Harry's turn.And I was going to get her a surprise today because it's her birthday.So I just lay there staring at Bryana's beautiful face,thinking of ideas of what to get her.After about several minutes of looking at her perfection and thinking of ideas,I turned on the TV and watched until she woke up.When she did she kissed me on the cheek and said"You know what today is right?" "How can I forget it's my wonderful girlfriend's birthday,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"I said to her with excitement. "I can't believe you remembered Nialler."she said to me.There goes the great nickname again! "Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom to take a shower."she told me.I softly pecked her lips and said okay.She got her stuff and went to the bathroom.I got up changed and went out to buy Bryana a birthday present.Well as soon as I left I texted Bryana saying this: -hey I went out to the store I'll be back soon I love you ❤.- Well the first store I went to was Target. Ugh!They had nothing at Target!Next I'm going to Walmart.SERIOUSLY! Nothing at Walmart either!The last place I'm going to is the pet shop,now you can't go wrong with pets.Perfect!Aww he's so cute I can't wait to give him to her!
(time skip)-7:00 PM-
              -Niall's POV-
We're all in the living room with presents for Bryana.I went to her room to get her over here."SURPRISE!"the boys and I said to her with a cake and presents. I being her boyfriend planed all of this."Who planned this?"she asked with a smile on her face. I was waiting for her to ask."I did and I love you so much,Happy Birthday!"I told her."I love you Nialler,thanks so much!"*kissing me on the lips*There goes that amazing nickname that I love so much.And she kissed me!Oh no now the boys are gonna have comments."Ooooooh!There goes the love birds."Harry said."I can already see ther wedding ,ooh they can have a carrot cake."Louis said excitedly."Alright well, if you guys are done why don't we give Bryana here her BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!!!"I said to the boys.We all sat on the couch ready to give Bryana her presents.Harry went first."I got you,a t-shirt that says 'I love Irish people' since you love Niall and he's Irish."Harry said with a huge smile."Thanks Harry!"Bryana said to Harry.Then Louis went next."I got you a carrot peeler,for all your carrot peeling needs!"Louis said happily."Thanks so much Lou."Bryana said to Louis.Now Liam is next."I got you a bracelet, a friendship bracelet.So that we could always be friends."He said with a smile."Thanks Liam it's really nice,and I promise we will always be friends."Bryana told him.Then it was Zayn's turn."I got you a mirror,so that when Niall says your beautiful you just look at the mirror and you'll know he's telling the truth."Zayn told her.Yes,now it's my turn.I went to get my present from behind the couch."I got you a cat,I don't know what you want to name him,but I thought we could name him together."I said to her."Nialler your the best boyfriend ever!Thanks so much!"she said while hugging me.Then she gave me a kiss on the lips.Oh and you heard that right?That was the first time she actually called me her boyfriend!"Oh, Bryana I'm not done yet I have one last present for you."I told her."Oh Nialler more your the best!"she said to me."I got you and me promise rings,and my promise is to always love you."I told her."That's my promise too."she said to me.Then we started kissing...for a long time.
(time skip)-9:12 PM-
We're still kissing!I have to say this is the best kiss ever!"You guys are still kissing when you guys started kissing we put on a movie and now it's 10 minutes after the movie finished!Haven't you guys had enough?"Harry said surprised we're still kissing."Alright,let's just cut the cake and just hangout."I said to everyone.The cake was chocolate me and Bryana loved it.We all sat on the couch trying to think of what to do.Oh if we play spin the bottle I can have a whole ton of excuses to kiss Bryana."Hey why don't we play spin the bottle?"I asked all of them.they all said yeah I went to get an empty bottle from the kitchen. I went first, landed on Bryana!"Hey,babe it landed on you."I told her.She didn't hesitate to kiss me she just went for it.We kissed,and kissed,and kissed,then there was a tongue,mine to be exact,then hers and I almost fell asleep because of how soothing and calming this kiss was.Well,we finally pulled away,went to the room and turned on the TV because it was a little late and we we,re tired.
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