My True Love:Living with 🆔

Again,you have to read to find out;)


2. Breakfast & The Date

*In the Morning*
-9:34 AM-
               -Niall's POV-
 I woke up and quietly went downstairs to the kitchen I didn't want to wake up Bryana because she looked so beautiful and peaceful while she slept. So I went to cook breakfast.I know I'm not the best cook in the world but I really want to impress Bryana so I looked in her cabinets for a cook book and luckily I found one! I made pancakes,eggs,and bacon. I don't really like bacon but I know the boys do so I made it for them and probably for Bryana. After the food was done I heard footsteps, it was Bryana! I had to put the cook book back!Then Bryana came down and sat at the table." Hello, sleepy head I made you and the boys breakfast."I told her.Even when she wakes up she's beautiful."Cool, I knew I smelled some thing good!"she said to me."Want some pancakes,eggs and bacon?" I asked her."Sure, but I don't really like bacon." she said. I was really happy that she said that."Oh, I don't like bacon either."I told her. The boys will get all the bacon then.I can't believe how much stuff we have in common!Well, I sat down next to her to eat breakfast we both finished in 10 minutes. I cleaned our plates and then the boys came down I served them their plates and went upstairs to call the restaurant and make  reservations at 8:00.
(time skip)-7:00PM-
               -Niall's POV-
 Bryana was wearing a beautiful purple dress and I was wearing a nice black tuxedo with a gray tie. Then the boys saw us and they were asking questions."Hey, are you guys going 'out'?" Harry asked with air quotes around out."Yes, we're going on a date."I told him. "Okay but be careful drive safely,make sure to wear your seat belts,and-" Liam said and then I cut him off by saying "Alright, alright daddy direction I get it be careful well we're gonna go." "BYE!!!!" they all said to us.I held Bryana's hand and walked her out to the car. I being the gentleman that I am opened the car door for her."Thanks Nialler your so nice."she said to me.You heard that right? She said I'm nice and she gave me a nickname Nialler, I like it.So I got in the car we put on our seat belts and before I started driving I looked at her and she was just beautiful,then I ended up leaning in a little bit she did too our faces were inches apart, then we kissed.We moved our heads from side to side,we we're grooving, and I have to admit there was some tongue! It was the best kiss ever! Then we pulled away even though I didn't want it end. So I drove to the restaurant and the whole car ride was silent. 
-8:00 PM-
 We got here on time and then when we sat down. Finally I decided to break the silence"So,what do you want to order?"I asked her then she seemed silent and then confused when she looked at the menu.
             -Bryana's POV-  
 I was really confused I couldn't even pronounce the name of the meals. But I didn't want Niall to know though because it seemed pretty embarrassing.So I just said "I can't choose it all seems good."
                 -Niall's POV-
Oh god I don't know what anything on this menu says what do I do.Oh no here comes the waiter."Hello what would you like to eat,sir?" the waiter asked me.I looked at the menu "Uh, this." I said pointing to something on the menu.
             -Bryana's POV-
 I was relieved that he didn't know what it said either. Then the waiter asked me what I wanted."I'll have what he's having." I told the waiter. We started chatting for a little while and laughing while we were waiting for our food. When they served it to us it was just a fish on a plate.
                -Niall's POV-
When the food got here it looked like Nemo on a plate."I don't know about you but I'd rather not eat Nemo." I said to her she started laughing and agreed. "Want to go to McDonald's instead?" I asked her. It wasn't the fanciest place on earth but at least they have better food.She said yes and we left and drove to McDonald's. I stood in line to order our food and she sat down and saved us a table.I got our food and sat down next to her.We talked a little bit and laughed. Then we drove back home.
-9:56 PM-
When we came back the boys were asking questions again."You were being safe right? And you better have been polite. Oh, and you better not ha-"Liam said and again I cut him off " Okay daddy direction I here ya and yes we were being safe." So was there any smooching?"*making kissing face*Harry asked playfully. " On your way back did you by any chance stop to pick up carrots?"Louis asked. "No we didn't."I told him."SERIOUSLY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING BY MYSELF AROUND HERE!"Louis shouted.Me and Bryana went to the room laughing.
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