My True Love:Living with 🆔

Again,you have to read to find out;)


1. THE ANSWER&Telling Bryana

Hmmm....okay but as long as you guys promise to clean your rooms every once in a while."I said. Everyone jumped up and said "YES!" After that we had to choose who gets what room." I only have four extra guest rooms so someone has to sleep with me" They all raised their hand to sleep with me except Niall."Lads,lads relax let this beautiful lady choose who gets to sleep with her."Niall told everyone."Well,Niall just for that I choose you to sleep with me."I told him. 
               -Niall's POV-
I told everyone to relax even though I wanted to raise my hand too but I knew that if I did she wouldn't pick me. I really love Bryana but I'm too scared to tell her. Tonight before we go to bed I'm going to tell her even if I am scared.
-9:30 PM-
               -Bryana's POV-
 Niall came into my room he seemed nervous. He walked over and sat next to me on the edge of the bed."Bryana I need to tell you something."he blurted out breaking the silence." What do you want to tell me?" I asked him."I need to tell you,that I......" he struggled to say. "That you what?" I asked him.He took a deep breath and said" I need to tell you that I love you."he said."Yeah, I know you told me earlier when you where introducing yourself ,you were just playing around."I told him."No, I mean I really do LOVE you, the way Zayn LOVES mirrors."he told me seriously." Oh, so then if you do so much why don't we go on a date tomorrow."I told him while kissing his cheek."REALLY,that would be great I would love to go on a date with you!"he said excitedly. "Ok well how about at 8:00."I said to him."Sure, I know a fancy place we could go to."he said. After, I went to the bathroom to change into my pajama's. When I came back I found Niall in my room shirtless!Then he said "I hope your not uncomfortable it's just this is how I like to sleep."he told me."It's okay I'm not bothered by it let's go to bed I like to fall asleep watching TV."I said."Really, me too!"Niall said.
-10:22 PM-
                -Niall's POV-
 Bryana just fell asleep. OH MY GOD, she just  put her head on my chest.She feels warm in all the right places. I'm so happy, I can't believe this! I move her hair out of her face and hopefully she doesn't wake up then I softly put my lips on hers and we kissed.Well I kissed her and when I started grooving my lips she did too! I don't know if she woke up or not but either way she wanted to kiss me.
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