When You Smile at the Ground

Hallie feels like the only Jounior in the world without a love life. And she was totally ok with that until both her best friends, Christa and Josie, started spending all their time with their new crushes. Now Hallie feels like she's being forced into a relationship with a guy she barley even knows.


8. ∞The Courtyard∞

Zayn's P.O.V


I know that wasn't my voice.

"HARRY!!" I yelled, I turned around to face him. I was really gonna hurt him this time! I was about to tell her that I love her and he comes right when I'm gonna spill it and says that HE loves her?! But it's not Harry. "Who are you!" I asked the stranger.

"Jake?" Haillie said softly behind me. "Jake, why are you here?" she asked walking up next to me.

"I've realized I made a huge mistake! I miss you Haillie! I love you and I need you! Please take me back!" the stranger, apparently called Jake, said taking Haillie's hand in his.

"Haillie, what's going on?" I asked her.

"He's my ex, Jake. He cheated in me." Why would someone even think about cheating on Haillie? It would never be worth it, she's perfect.

"You need to leave Jake. She's obviously not taking you back." I told him, stepping inbetween them. I put my arm around Haillie and lead her into the hallway.

"Haille wait! HAILLIE!!" Jake yelled to her from the courtyard.

"Do you still..."

"No." she cut me off. "I'm over it."

"Good." We started at each other for a while. Then I wrapped my arms around her waist as she put her hands on my head...


Harry's P.O.V.


I walked down the hallway looking for Haillie and Zayn.

"There you guys are." I said before I realized what was happening. He leaned in, she went up on her toes to meet him face-to-face. And their lips touched. I couldn't watch but I couldn't tear my eyes away as they kissed. That should be me, not Zayn. She should be with me.


Haillie's P.O.V.


I pulled away from Zayn because I heard something. I looked down the hall and saw someone walking away. Harry? He turned the corner and was gone.

"Haillie." Zayn pulled my attention back to him. "I love you more than you know. All I want is for you to love me back." he focused his deep brown eyes on mine.

"I'll love you." I said. Walking back to the cafeteria he couldn't stop smiling. Once we got there Liam anounced walking past us

"Dude, lunch is over." So Zayn passionately kissed me goodbye, which earned quite a bit of clapping from our friends.


Zayn's P.O.V.


"Dance well, doll." I whispered after our goodbye kiss. Haillie was finally mine. She wore my varsity jacket as she and Daniele walked off. She's so gracefu-"Ow!"

I felt myself being dragged by the collar into the empty locker room. "I can't believe you would do this!" Harry spat in my face.

"Harry! You can't get mad at me about this! You had your chance but she chose me!" I argued

"I wasn't even allowed to talk to her! I had NO chance!" his point was true but I didn't tell him not to talk to her, Niall did.

"I didn't tell you not to talk to her! Niall did! Get mad at him!"

"I am! I'm mad at all of you!" Harry anounced.

"Well its not like she's sucurely mine! I've got you and Jake both trying to steal her from me!" Oops, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Jake.

"Who's Jake?!" Harry asked.

"Haillie's ex. He cheated on her and dumped her in the garbage." Josie said walking into the locker room.

"He wants her back? And Harry loves Haillie? You should really keep us more informed on this stuff!" Christa said from behind Josie. How could they not know about any of that?

"Girls this is a private conversation." I said

"And the boys locker room." Harry added.

"Well I'm not leaving until you 2 tell me everything that's been going on."

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