When You Smile at the Ground

Hallie feels like the only Jounior in the world without a love life. And she was totally ok with that until both her best friends, Christa and Josie, started spending all their time with their new crushes. Now Hallie feels like she's being forced into a relationship with a guy she barley even knows.


13. ∞Karaoke Pizza Parlor∞

"Come on!"  I giggled, pulling Harry into the resturaunt by the sleeve.

"Ok, ok!" he said. I looked around and saw where our friends were sitting, Josie waved us over

"Hey there lovebirds!" Josie said as we sat down at their table. "Where have you two been? Danielle told us you had a special song to sing for Jack and we're soo excited to hear it!" What? Why would she tell them that?

"Don't worry, only the girls know." Danielle assured me. "But isn't there something you need to do first?"

"Right!" I stood up. "Go get the song ready and I'll do what i need to." The girls giggled and got up as well. I went over to where Jack was sitting with his football buddies. "Jack?" He turned around in his seat to face me.

"Hey babe, where ya been?" he stood up and leaned in for a kiss which I turned down.

"Jack, I'm not going to homecoming with you anymore. It's just not working for me." a lot of people where watching us now, and some guys made "ooo" noises, as if it wasn't going to happen eventually.

"Don't worry," I heard Jack say as I walked away. "We'll be back togehter by tomorrow." I smiled to myself and walked onto the mini-stage. That was exactly what I expected to happen. The music started. Danielle, Christa, and Josie each took one of the four mics provided, so I wouldn't have to sing alone.

"I'm sure this will be much more entertaining than our other singers." I said into the mic. Some other the other people who had sung that night rolled their eyes, one of them being Ashlie. I started singing Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

"i remember when we broke up, the first time! saying this is it I've had enough cause like we hadn't seen each other in a month we you said you needed space. What?"  More people were looking at Jack than me, they all knew it was directed twords him. "Ooo, oooo, we called it off agian last night, but ooo, ooo, this time I'm telling you! I'm telling you!" I took the mic off the stand and walked over to his table, "We!" I slammed my hand down on the table "Are never ever ever getting back together!" The shock on Jack's as I sang was priceless. He didn't know I could even sing, let alone expect this. I turned to face Harry and the boys. I caught his eye and winked. "And we are never ever ever..." The boys whopped and clapped for me. I walked back to the stage, getting ready to end the song. "Getting back together!" I threw the mic back as I turned around and walked off. Danielle caught it swiftly as the applause broke out.

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