When You Smile at the Ground

Hallie feels like the only Jounior in the world without a love life. And she was totally ok with that until both her best friends, Christa and Josie, started spending all their time with their new crushes. Now Hallie feels like she's being forced into a relationship with a guy she barley even knows.


14. ∞Josie's House∞

Josie's P.O.V.

I collapsed on the bed in a fit of laughter. Suddenly I felt someone's bum on my stomach. "Get off of me you fat earlobe!" I yelled between giggles. 

"No! Your trapped!" Christa yelled and jumped on top of Hallie and me.

"Ugh! You two are HEAVY!" I tried to push them off, but they were not budging. "Guyyyys! We have to get ready for Homecoming!"

"Ok, ok," Hallie lifted herself off of me. "When did Dani say she'd get here?"

"Umm.. About ten minuets." I said, "Let's lay out our stuff,"


∞∞∞2 Hours Later∞∞∞


"The guys just pulled up!" Danielle said from her spot on the window seat.

"What? Are you sure?" Christa said, looking over at Danielle. Dani nodded. "Hallie! Hurry!"

"Calm down, I'm almost..." Hallie put the last pin on place for Christa's half-up 'do. "Done! There." Will that girl ever learn to do her own hair?

"Come here! Quick picture before we leave?" I said. We all gathered around the mirror and I took a picture with my phone. I looked at the picture on my screen. I'm waering a pink dress that goes down to my knees, my hair in long loose curls down my back, but you couldn't see my splarking gold shoes. Danielle's wearing a black dress with a bow accenting her hip, bright red pumps and her hair was in it's gorgeous natural curls. Christa was wearing a dark purple dress with matching shoes, her hair was held up in a curly half-up half-down 'do with a black flower clipped in. Hallie had on a white dress with black flower detailing going up the one strap, black shoes, and had her hair was curled like mine except for a four-strand braid on the left side of her head.

"We should go, the boys are probably waiting for us." Danielle said

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