When You Smile at the Ground

Hallie feels like the only Jounior in the world without a love life. And she was totally ok with that until both her best friends, Christa and Josie, started spending all their time with their new crushes. Now Hallie feels like she's being forced into a relationship with a guy she barley even knows.


2. ∞Hallway∞

I trudged along with my giggling friends as they so obviously flirted with the boys.

"Why don't you three eat lunch with us and our mates tommorrow?" Niall said.

"Ooh yeah!" replied Christa looking at me for a reply

"Sounds fun." I said, trying to sound genuinely excited, but honestly I don't know I I could handle anymore jocks or giggly girls than I already had.

"See you girls later." Louis called as he and Niall headed down the hall. As soon as they were out of earshot Christa and Josie both squealed!

"Can you believe it? We're pretty much going on a DATE!" Josie said as she shook me violently.

"Calm down, it'll be just like today with more people. I don't see the big deal." I shrugged it off and went to my locker.

"Earth to Hallie? It's Friday!" Josie shoved her way in between me and my locker to look me in eyes.

"Wait..." suddenly it dawned on me. "We're meeting then for a real lunch at a real restruant?!"

"No DUH!" they said in unison. Well doesn't that change like umm... Everything!?!

"So how about we all sleepover at my house tonight and then we can help each other get ready in the morning?" Christa suggested.

"Good plan." Josie said, already texting her mom. I just nodded. I guess I have to go along with their crazy, crush-driven descions.

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