When You Smile at the Ground

Hallie feels like the only Jounior in the world without a love life. And she was totally ok with that until both her best friends, Christa and Josie, started spending all their time with their new crushes. Now Hallie feels like she's being forced into a relationship with a guy she barley even knows.


9. ∞Danielle's House∞

Haillie's P.O.V


"Thanks for inviting me over." I said while entering Danielle's living room.

"Well I could always use someone new to practice with." she said "Should we stretch first?"

"Sure," I answered following her into an empty room. "Wow, you have a whole room just for dancing?"

"Well its techniquely my mom's yoga room, but what's the difference?" I laughed at her joke. "So you and Zayn, huh?"

"Yeah, what about us?" I asked while sliding into my right split.

"Oh, nothing." she said, doing the same. "I just thought you were kinda into Harry." How would she know that?

"Well I was, but what's the point if he doesn't feel the same way, you know?"

she chuckled at my response.


"Oh, nothing." she said suspiciously.

"It's not nothing." I said. "What is it?"

"Well I'm not really supposed to say anything..."


"...but Harry's mad for you!" she said quickly.

"Don't be ridiculous." I said, but I really wondered if it was true.

"I'm not!" she tried I defend herself. "Him and Zayn have been fighting over YOU for days!" No way! I completely ruled Harry out because I thought he would want me to be with Zayn, just like everyone else did. How could I be so blind? "I'm sorry," Danielle intrupted my thoughts. "I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, no!" I said "It's better that I know." She looked a little more relaxed.

"Does this change anything?" she asked

"I don't know..."

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