Age is but a Number|Harry Styles Love Story|

She's Fourteen He's eighteen but will the saying go...Age is but a number?


6. Chapter 6: Bonnies POV

I walked through the door.

"Dad, I'm home." I call.

"Hey Bon-Bon!" He calls out from the Kitchen.

I walk into the Kitchen with the boys behind me.

"Roast?" I question Sniffing the air.

"Yeah, We kind of thought.. You know the boys would like something normal.." Dad said.

I shrug

"I'll make my own tea then." I roll my eyes.

I sit on a stool.

The boys still standing Awkwardly.

Dad finally notices them.

"Oh boys! Hello, Im Mitch, PLeasure to meet you." He says giving them a handshake each.

"Bonnie.. Dont be rude, Show the guests around." Dad says eyeing me.

I groan and Roll my eyes.

"Your the one who Fancied one of the guys." Dad retorts in a whisper.

"I DO NOT!!" I yell.

and everyone Looked at me.

I roll my eyes

"follow me" I say in a bored monotone.

I walke around and show them the Living room, Bathrooms, Lounge Room, Games Room and I suddenly stop infront Of my room.

Which is next to Dani's

"Ohh.. This is your room! Mind if we take a peek?" Louis asks in a girly voice

I raise My eyebrow "whatever" I mutter.

I stand outside my room Eyeing Dani's Door.

I miss him... So much.

"I miss you." I whisper.

"What was that?" Zayn asked.

"Oh nothing.. I'm going to go and watch a movie." I announce

"OH MY GOD IM CHOOSING!!" Louis Shouts.

I hold my finger up to my lips.

"There are Animals in this house." I Say Sternly

"Oo.. What types?" Louis asks.

"I have a Cat, a Turtle, a Lizard and a Python." I say simply.

I walk into the Lounge Room and walk over to the Reptile Room.

Yes I have a reptile room, Because I think its cruel for Snakes, Lizards and Turtles to be locked up in cages.

I pick up Bettsy.

I walk out and Into the kitchen.

"Bettsy hasn't been fed yet has she?" I ask dad going into the Cupboards.

He shakes his head

I nod and walk out with some food.

Its human food.

Its a Roasted Chicken.

"Oh my gosh! How did you know I was hungry?!" Niall says running up to me trying to grab the Chicken.

"Stop Right there! This food is for Bettsy only!" I say.

"Who's Bettsy?" They all ask.

I shake my head..

"Your all dumb then aren't you." I say

They still looked confused

"Seriously.... Guys.." I say standing infront of the couch.

"OH MY GOD! AHH!" Harry screams and hides behind the couch.

"Not a fan of snakes ey?" I smirk.

"Nope.." Louis says.

I chuckle.

"Point for Bon bon."

I sit down and Fed Bettsy
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