Age is but a Number|Harry Styles Love Story|

She's Fourteen He's eighteen but will the saying go...Age is but a number?


5. Chapter 5: Bonnies POV

After what felt like forever I FINALLY got to do my assignment.. It was a really annoying day. Everytime I'd Find an Enclosure I would 'Bump' Into Harry.. He is getting on my nerves that boy. He texts me during class. He got me kicked out of English because he called and I forgot to Put my Phone On Silent. My Grades are dropping now, because of him. And its only been a week.. Yeah a week.. My teachers think I need a tutor.. Fml.. -_- My phone Vibrated over on my desk. I groaned throwing The Hunger Games book onto the end of my bed. "Why Wont he just leave me alone!" I mutter. I Grab my phone reading the text: To - Bonnie From- Creepy Famous Pedo C'mon!... I'll leave ya alone if we catch up today!  I groan.  But like the name he has in my phone? Im so Creative To: Creepy Famous Pedo From: Bonnie Ergh! Fine, You win! But you seriously have to LEAVE.ME.ALONE afterwards! I sigh getting changed into:polyvore. My phone Buzzed again: To:Bonnie From: Creepy Famous Pedo YAY! I WIN! Wanna go out for lunch? Meet you at Nando's in 20 ;) He is such a creep, I swear he's Like 12. I walk down stairs and meet dad and Maceyy in the Kitchen. "Some weirdo Friend wants me to go out for lunch." I say to Dad. "Which one?" Dad asked. Er.. How do I explain this? I cant be like Oh yeah dad, I met a famous creepy guy who wants to go out for lunch with me.. "Uh.. Harry." I Mumble. "Who?" Dad asked. "She said Harry." Maceyy Smiled. "Harry? What does he look like?" He asked. I quickly went on google and grabbed a quick picture of him. "Him.." I said passing dad my phone. "He seems Like an Alright Bloke." Dad says Nodding his head handing Maceyy the phone. "Oh he's a Cutie, You did alright." She said winking at me. I pulled a disgusted face.  "He's Just a friend." I Mumble. I get my phone Back. "Could I talk to him for a second, You know. I want to know if he's Decent." Dad asks. I quickly Change Harry's Contact name in my phone. "I suppose not, But don't say anything Stupid dad." I say Laughing. He nods and Grabs my phone and then Smirks. "Oh he's Just a friend?" He asks showing me the contact name. Fml Saved it as Harry<3 -_- I facepalm "Omg okay whatever just call him." I say. He chuckles "Hello Harry?... I'm Bonnie's Dad.... No your not in trouble, I was just calling to see if you were decent enough to date my daughter." He says only hearing dads side of the conversation. "OH MY GOD DAD! i dont like him like that!!" I shout. "Yeah that was her, She's Cracked it.. Haha.. Oh yeah, Well.. Did you want to Have dinner with us tonight?" Dad asked "NO NO NO NO!" I shout "Ok great! Yeah you can bring your friends too......Sounds like a plan....Bye!" Dad says into the Phone. "Dad! your so Mean!" I pout crossing my arms. "Oh but, Atleast I can judge him,to see if he is a good lad." He says. I sigh in defeat. "Give me My phone I'll be back soon." I groan. Dad laughs and Hands me my phone and I walk out the door. I walk down the road aimlessly. To: Harry<3 From: Bonnie Where the bloody hell is Nando's I have no idea what it is either?! Eww I really need to change his name in my contacts. I quickly changed it to 'Harry' To:Bonnie From: Harry Er its across the road from the Dry-cleaners :) Your Dads Funny by the way ;D I roll my eyes. I love dad but seriously he can get annoying sometimes. I found the Dry cleanners and walked across the road to Nando's I walked inside. I was suddenly hit by the smell of Chicken. Ew.. Not the best place for lunch. "Bonniee!!" Somone sings out my name. I turn and see the 5 idiots looking at me. "You honestly could've picked a better place for lunch." I grumble. The blonde one Gasps. "SHE DOESNT LIKE NANDOS!!!" He points a finger at me. "You know its rude to Point Niall.." The one with a really charming Deep voice said pointing at I suppose Niall was his name. "Um.. Im a vegetarian..." I say  "Oh..." Niall says Awkwardly. I clear My throat. "Names?" I say Simply. "Oh.. Sorry, Im Niall, This is Liam, Thats Zayn, Louis and Im sure you know Harry." Niall says pointing to each boy. I nod. "Im Bonnie." I say simply. "Could I just say Something?" I think Zayn said. I raise an eyebrow and Nod. "Your A Freakin Giant!" He states "your point is?" I ask. He frowns. "You know this is going to be tougher than it looks.." Zayn whispers to Liam. "Im not deaf." I point out. A little bit after that a person comes over and places food on the table. Chille Chicken.. Ew.. The boys except Harry seemed to be eating. Harry was looking at me. "Er can I help you?" I ask looking at him. The boys snigger. "Oh..I was just.. er.. Nevermind.." He stutters. Weird Child. "Did you want to go to the salad bar a few shops down?" Liam asked looking at me. I nod. "I'll Come." Harry said almost Straight away. I roll my eyes and stand up. We both walk out and walk towards the salad Bar. "Your Failing at proving me wrong At the moment Harry.." I sing. He rolls his eyes. "Yeah yeah, Give me a week, and you'll Love us." He brags. "I dunno Harry, It could be Shorter, I'm a pretty easy person to Impress." I smile. "Even if you don't want to answer this, How do you think of the Lads?" He asks looking at me. He then laughs. "Zayn was right.. Your the same bloody Height as me." He states. I roll my eyes. "At the Moment, Liam seems the only Decent one." I grin. "Oh I see how it is.." He pouts. "Pouting will get you no where in life." I say and Walk inside the salad Bar. I order a Salad and a Bottle of Water. "So... What do You think of me?" He asks I look at him seriously, 'Annoying." I simply state He shrugs, "fair enough." I get my stuff and we walk back to Nando's. We sit back down. "Awwh come on Niall.. You ate all of my food while i was gone!" Harry shouts. Niall Smiles Sheepishly I groan. They all look at me. "I'm going to be a nice person and let you Harry have some of my salad." I say through Gritted teeth. "Oh my gosh! You saved me from Starvation!!" Harry yelled and Pulled me into a bare hug. "Dont get used to it bucko." I say Stabbing my fork into my lettuce. silence Flew over our table "So.. Your dad invited us over for Dinner.." Liam says breaking the Silence  "Dont Mention it...." I say through Gritted teeth. "Well I was actually wondering should we be scared or not?" He asked. I chuckled and shook my head. "He's Easy to Impress..You have Nothing to worry about." They all Sigh out in Relief. "You honestly thought he was that bad?" I ask. "Uh..yeah.. Look at you, Your like a freaking wall nut, Your impossible to crack." Zayn says. I raise an Eyebrow. "See!" He points to me. "Im a bit like Dad but Mostly Mum.." I trail off thinking of Mum. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time I guess.. I sigh pushing away my food. "You ok?" Louis asks. I shrug. "Well, Since your dad Invited us over, Did you wanna head back to your place?" Louis asks. "Yeah alright..." I say standing up. "Follow me.." I say walking out and onto the streets. God... Whats tonight going to turn out like?... Please HELP ME!

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