Age is but a Number|Harry Styles Love Story|

She's Fourteen He's eighteen but will the saying go...Age is but a number?


4. Chapter 4: Bonnies POV

I walked around until I found Fi, Lils and Lizzy at the Butterfly Enclosure. Fi Looked like she was going To pass out. "You'll never believe who I met!!!" She shouted as soon as she saw me. "Lemme Guess, That weird Boyband you like?" I ask. "YES!!! Well... No but I saw them!! That counts right?!" "Uh.. I dont know, But Harry whatever his name is, is a creeper.." I shudder. "How?" She ask. "Um I dont know, Explain how him Following me everywhere is Creepy..." I say shrugging "HE FOLLOWED YOU OMFG NO WAY YOUR LYING!" She shouts. I bring a finger up to my lips. "Butterflies have Sensitive Hearing, and yeah its true." I say pulling out my phone showing my contacts. "Your Punking me.." She says. "Fine then if you dont believe me." I say. As much as i hate myself, I press the ring button. 1 Ring 2 Rings 3 Rings "I knew you'd call sooner or Later.." He says answering. "Oh my god, See exactly why i think your stuck up, But my friend Fi wants to say hi." I say handing my phone over to Fi. Fi puts the Phone up to her ear. she then screams and Jumps up and down. I whack the back of her head 'Shut up, Butterflies have Sensitive Hearing!" I whisper yell. She rolls her eyes. She hangs up the Phone afterwards. "OMG!! how the fu- I mean how the Fudge did you get his number?" She asks. " I told you, He was following me around then I somehow let him get my number.." I say simply "I wish I was you..." She mumbles. "Oh ha-ha.. Now i need to do this assignment.. See you's" I wave and walk out to find the Panda Enclosure... Sorry its short.. Its just a filler I'm doing more today   

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