Age is but a Number|Harry Styles Love Story|

She's Fourteen He's eighteen but will the saying go...Age is but a number?


3. Chapter 3: Harrys POV

I have no Idea why but I kept on Following this girl. She seemed really interesting. "You know your really Annoying me." She says turning around and Facing me. "Really? I've never been called annoying before.... by a girl.." I mumble the last part. "Obviously." She mutters. "Hurtful.." i say. "Look, Sorry. I mean, You know... No ones ever Followed me and stuff so its Kinda weird." She says Raising an eyebrow. "Oh.. But your Interesting.. Did you know?" I said smiling at her. "Er.. Really? What about me is interesting?" I fold my arms. "Well. For starters Your the only girl I've met that hasn't screamed in my face today." I say She laughs. "And Second, Your the first person I have seen brave enough to walk around a zoo with no shoes." I state pointing at her feet. She looks down. "I just dont like Shoes." She smiles. "Fair enough.. Is it like a fear of shoes or?.." I trail off she shakes her head. "Okay, Now if you dont mind me asking. Are you usually rude to people like that?" I ask. "My friends say I can be Rude, But not to most people." She says. "So, you don't like me?" I ask. "I believe That, that question is Irrelevent." She says turning her head away. "So you don't Like me." I state. "I don't like you and I don't Dislike you okay." She says. "Whats that supposed to mean?" I raise an Eyebrow. "I dunno." She mumbles. "Well then Why do you dislike me?" I ask. She groans and looks up. "Do you really want me to answer that?" She asks. "Not really but I'd like to know." I say. "Fine.. Well, I don't Listen to music because most Artist are stuck up and stuff." she says. "And If I do listen to music, Its classical Music that I play on Piano." She adds on. I nod. "Me, I try my best to Help the Environment, Well animals." She says. I nod listening. "And The Fuel used for the jets that take you around the World pollutes the Air, Killing Animals." She says crossing her arms. "And the Money for the Jet fuel could be used to Help The Giant Pandas Over in China." She adds. "Wow.. I never really thought of that.." I mutter. "Of course you wouldn't." She says. "Well, Did you walk to the Zoo? Or use a bus?" She asks. "We walked from our Hotel room, Louis wanted something to do.. and here we are." I say Shrugging. "So.. Do fans know your here?" She asks. "Yep."I say popping the 'p' "And that would be the reason I bumped into you." I add. "hmm. Well if you don't mind me I'm going to go Catch up to my Classmates." She says turning on her heels. "Wait." I say holding onto her shoulder. "Hmm." She says not turning around. "Er... Well I can prove to you we're not as self centred as you think.. Could I maybe have you number?" I ask. Stupid Harry! Stupid! Stupid! She turns around and looks at me Weirdly. Then it dawned on me. "Oh wait nevermind, You wouldn't have phone would you.." i Mumble. "Um.. Im not that Anti-Social, I have an Environmentally friendly Phone." She says smiling. "So... Could I... er have your Number then.." I say scratching the back of my neck. She raises an Eyebrow "I mean.. You know, So I could prove to you that us boys are not Self centered." I quickly add on. "This better not be a punk...." She mutters handing me her phone. I chuckle and look at her phone. "Woah... This is like the coolest phone I've ever seen!" I say holding it in awe. "The battery Power last up to 24 hours and is Solar Charged." She says Proudly. "Awesome." I say punching in my number I hand her my phone, whilst lookiing at hers. She looks at it confused. I smile  "Whats wrong? Can't Work it?" I smirk. "This is the most Un-Evironmentally Phone I have ever held.." She whispers handing it too me like it was a disease. I roll my eyes. "Fine, Just tell me your number." I say. " Um I have.." She says. "Oh.. that was fast." I say. "Im a girl.. Seriously dude." She says. "Well, I'm leaving to finish off this assignment Toodaloo.." She walks away. I watch her Walk away. "She's a handful." I mutter finding the boys. "Hazza! Where ya been!?" Louis says hugging me. "Uhh.. I ran into this girl." I said. "OH-EM-GEE!! did you get her number!!?" He said in a girly voice. I smiled and Nodded. "Was she fit?" Zayn asked from Behind louis. "She was different..." I trail off. "Different how?" Liam asks. "She actually found me annoying.." I say. "You? Annoying? Never!" Zayn says sarcastically. "Well its true. She'd walk away and then she literally told me I was Annoying." I say shrugging. "You know.. When Most girls think you annoying, they Mean it Haz." Niall says. "But as i said, I wouldn't have annoyed her if she wasn't different." I say. They all raise there Eyebrows. "Meaning, She dressed Differently, She didn't Wear shoes.." I say. "No Shoes? Man.. She's crazy, I wouldn't talk to her.." Louis says. "Yeah but She said she thinks We're Stuck up and Self Centered.. So I told her that i'd prove we're not." i Say. "She thinks we're stuck up? Man she has Problems then.." Zayn Jokes. I turned aroun and saw her look at the Enclosures and Write stuff down. "Look there she is!" I point to her so the Lads could see what she looked like. The lads all look at her but she seemed to of heard me and turned around. I Smile and Wave. She knitts her eyebrows together and shakes her head. "Wow.. She's Pretty fit, For a weird one.." Zayn says out loud. She heard it and snapped her head around towards our direction. She glares at us and flipped us the bird (Bird is Middle Finger) then walked away. "Wow... She really hates us then.." Louis whispers. "Nope, She wouldn't of done that if Zayn didn't have such a loud mouth.." I say turning around and Glaring at him. He puts his hands up in deffense. One thing was for certain.. I'm going to make this Chick Like us, Weather she likes it or not..  

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