Age is but a Number|Harry Styles Love Story|

She's Fourteen He's eighteen but will the saying go...Age is but a number?


2. Chapter 2: Bonnies POV

"IM SOOO EXCITED!! AREN'T YOU TOO??!" I yell jumping up and down. Fi, Lizzy and Lils look at me. "Not really, Zoo trips are boring.." Lizzy Sighs. "Yeah, All you do is pick an animal and you have to write some facts about it." Fi agrees. I shake my head. "Your weird.." I say. "Says you who's Wearing that." Fi points to my outfit.  Yeah, Its the only time we get to NOT wear our dumb school Uniforms. "Dont Judge My choice in Clothes.." I turn my nose up.  "Yeah.. But.. WHY?!" She whines. "Its so Ugly." She adds on. She thinks this Is the meaning of ugly: polyvore. "Its not ugly, Its just...." I pause thinking of a word.. "Different." I point out. "Whatever you say, my Fashionably Challenged Friend.." She chuckles patting my back. Right now we are currently waiting for the teacher to hurry up and put us in groups. We are outside the zoo, But I Wish I was in it NOW! they need to hurry up! "Ergh..There taking so long!" Lizzy groaned. I shrugged and looked around Getting lost at the sight of everything. The beautiful Trees from the Zoo Towered a little bit over the wall. The sound of the Animals Roaring, Squeaking and Chirping made me Feel Free. "Bonnie..Bonnie!.. BONNIE!" Lils Shouted clapping her hands infront of my face. "What?" I asked. "Mr.Jones said He wants a word with you." She says. I nod. I liked Mr Jones. He's my favourite Teacher, We both get along so well and he gives me the Best grades. And he's Kooky i walked up to Mr Jones.  "You wanted a Word?" I asked. He looked up at me and nodded. "Yeah, I was just wondering if You wouldnt mind on Joining me for the walk around the Zoo? I'd like a word." He asked. I nodded and smiled. He really is a funny old man, He reminds me of My pop a bit. We both started aimlessly walking around the zoo.  Well me I was admiring the Animals in the booths reading the Information about them. "Have you ever considered taking my class this year for Electives?" He asked. I laughed.  "Is what the talk is about?" I asked. He nodded and Shrugged. "Well, Yes I have, I want to Take Geography, Animal Studies and Biology." I said. "I've never met a student with such Passion towards animals like yourself." He says. "Really?" I ask. "Its true, But why is the question. Why do you adore them so much?" He asked. "Well, I believe that They have just as right to us to live on this planet so they shouldnt be dying off like they are." I say. He nods saying for me to continue. "and Its not Fair." i say. He chuckles. "You are a wonderful Person Bonnie, Who I believe Will be a wonderful Woman when she's Older." He smiles. I smile in return. "Thankyou Mr Jones, It means alot."  "Well, I suppose I better find Mrs Kannt and join her, You can walk freely about if you want." He says giving a kurt not and leaving. I smile and Hang around the Tiger Enclosure. I was too busy admiring the Wonderful Stripped Felines to realise I had walked into someone and fell on the Ground. "Oh, Sorry." A husky voice said. "Oh.. Its fine... woah.." Once i stood up I looked at the boy. I know him! "Your one of those boys from that weird band." I point out. "Define Weird." He smirked and eyed my clothing. "My clothing Choice has nothing to do with Defining the Word Weird." I say in a Matter of fact tone. "I actually wasn't reffering to your clothes.. I was just.." He trailed off thinking of the word. "Checking me out?" I say. "Yeah pretty Much." He smiles a shrugs. "But you do look lovely by the way." He says. I raise an Eyebrow. "im, ya know, going to go over there." I said pointing to the Elephant Enclosure.  I immediately started walking away. "Hey I didn't catch your name." He said jogging up to me. "Bonnie." I say simply. "Bonnie" He repeats and Looks down. "Your not wearing any shoes." He says. "No Duh Sherlock." I say. "Why?" He asks. "Um are you like 4 years old? Like with all the questions dude." I say throwing my arms in dfferent Directions. "Oh.. Sorry.. Im Harry By the way.." He says holding out his hand. "Bye." I say walking away. I made my way over to see the Gorillas. "Whats your problem? Are you annoyed at someone?" I heard his voice again. and yes I am annoyed at YOU. How the hell do I shake this guy off me? God Help!

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