My True Love

You'll have to read and find out!;)


3. Introduced to 1D

Well, after they all hung up their coats and got settled they introduced themselves properly."Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson,nice to meet you and I like girls who eat carrots. Speaking of which do you by any chance have any carrots?"Louis asked."Sure their in the on the door of the fridge." I told him. "Thanks!"He responded. "Hi I'm Harry Styles and I like cats!" "Oh that reminds me I have cat named Freckles.Do you guys want to meet her?" Everyone including Harry said "Yes!" I brought her out of my room and showed them."Aww she's so cute." they all said."Can I hold her?" Harry asked."Sure,she's nice she doesn't scratch or bite." I said. Well Harry sat on the couch with Freckles in his arms.Louis eventually came back from the fridge with a handful of carrots and sat on the couch next to Harry."Hello I'm Liam Payne also know as daddy direction and I hate spoons." "Well then I guess I'm gonna have to hide the spoons." I said playfully. Liam then sat on the couch next to Louis staring at Freckles."Hey I'm Zayn Malik and I LOVE mirrors.-gasp- Do you have one?"he asked excitedly."Yeah there's one in the bathroom."I told him. Then he ran to the bathroom in the hallway. "And I'm Niall Horan and I love you." he said pointing a finger at me.  
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