two best friend for life

this movellas is about how i met my two best friend liam and harry from one direction we were friend for life until they both went and audiction for the x-factor and said goodbye to me and never came back until one day they surprise me and my world gets turn upside down


2. new neighbour

Nicole P.O.V

I was sleeping in my room when i heard a truck honk i got up and look out the window and i see a moving truck. Yay we have new neighbours i text Liam and said '' we have new neighbours lets's go over and say hi and see if there any kids are age'' [send] he riplied ''sure meet me at my house k'' ''k i will be there'' i got purple shorts and a blue crop top with a white tank i hop into the shower and sang one step at a time by jorden sparks when i got out i got ready and walk over to liam house i rang the doorbell and mrs. Payne answer '' oh hi nicole nice to see u are u here for liam. '' yes mrs.Payne i'm here for liam and its nice to see u too'' all of sudden liam came downstair and said '' bye mom see u later'' ''bye sweetheart see u later'' me and liam went across the street to the new neighbour and we saw a kid outside playing soccer ''hey'' i said '' hey' he said '' my name is nicole and this is liam'' i said '' my name is harry'' harry said ''how old are u harry'' i said '' i'm 12 u'' '' were also 12'' ''cool'' harry said ''we were wondering if u want to go the park with us'' '' sure let me go ask my mom'' harry said ''k'' harry went inside and we waited then he came out he said '' i can go'' ''ok lets go'' we walk to the park and we were all talking about ourself and everything i think we became really close friends i think we are going to become best friend. when we got to the park i said '' last on to the swings is a rotten egg'' we all ran i won of course because i'm faster than all of them we spent some time togethere then i checked my phone '' oh shoot we all have to get home its getting late leggo'' we all ran home and said goodbyes and said we would hang out tomorrow. we all went are different was we i got home took a shower and went to my room and listen to music before i fell asleep. 

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