two best friend for life

this movellas is about how i met my two best friend liam and harry from one direction we were friend for life until they both went and audiction for the x-factor and said goodbye to me and never came back until one day they surprise me and my world gets turn upside down


1. how we met

This is the day how i met my two best friend I met liam first than harry here's how we met


It was the first day of kindergarden and my mom just drop me of I was excited and nervous. So I went inside and I met the teacher and she put me next to a boy with brown hair and brown eyes and he was my age. He did not talk that much at first but when lunch  came I ask him if he wants any Chocolate and he said yes then he introduce himself '' hi my name is liam liam payne'' '' hi my name is nicole nicole smith'' i said. then i said best of friend forever he smiled and node. 

Age 10: It was my birthday at school i was so excited i was waiting in the class and everyone said happy birthday to me except liam he was nowhere to be found i ask my other friend and she said '' i don't know'' than just before the bell rang he came running in the classroom and took his seat and he said to me '' happy birthday'' and i said '' thank you''. he past me a note saying'' meet me at the park at lunch got a present for u''I look at him and noded. At lunch i went to the park to go see him when i got there i didn't see them there I got worried then at of nowwhere someone put ther hands on my eyes and he said '' guess who'' i smiled and said '' um....liam payne'' he said '' how did you guess'' i smiled and said'' i just know'' i turned around and hugged him and then he gave me my present. I said'' you didn't have to get me anything'' he said'' but i wanted to'' I open it and in side was best friend charm bracelet i had the friend on it. I asked him where was the best charm was and he took out the keys to his house and saw the best i said thank you but he said he had on more surprise for me he took out a wrapped gift i open it and inside was the princess diaries collection i said '' OH MY GOSH'' '' liam your the best and hugged him and he said '' i know and we went back to class then the bell rang and we went home together and we went to both of our house i to my room it was the best day ever

 End Of Flashback      

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