Not for light readers, this poem portrays a character named Buttons and his cynical, colorful views on topics


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The world is portrayed with morals,

what morals do lie in its grasp?

The world becoming better?

Don't try it you'll just make me laugh.

How funny is it I ask you,

that the poor does wither and reap,

the unjustified future of a mother,

seeing her children get beat.

You glutenous pigs and animals,

be happy for it will not last,

your belching will end up in gasping,

for food and hunger long past.

You whine and cry to your mothers,

for sweets and lollies all due,

unlike all the starving young masses,

of people who would die for food.

Money can buy you so much so,

that the wealth and grit will be lied,

for as you gloat over money,

the needy and helpless will die.

So money does make the world go round,

and keeps everything in shape,

don't state things that you don't know of,

like you are "Gandhi the great".

So dear fellow readers I tell you,

the life that some live is a lie,

since most people will go through their short life,

with their left hand covering their eye.



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