5th Periods On Tuesdays With You



1. 5th periods on tuesdays with you

Ink all over my hand,

Doodles on a piece of paper,

Torn out of a book,

From which one, I can’t remember.


A smile on your face,

Watching the teacher intently.

Waiting for a while,

Then tapping my shoulder gently.


I look where you look,

Which is right under the table,

Our hands meet briefly,

I read the message when I’m able.


A funny drawing,

Of our non-stop talking teacher

Wait for the right time,

And draw another weird creature,


Eyes meeting knowingly,

Swapping notes at the right moment

But never too often

to cause the teacher torment.


Who would have thought

That history could be funny,

I have you to thank for

Never having time to study.


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