Just My Luck

Brooke always dreamed of moving to London and meeting One Direction. She thought that would never happen, especially considering how unlucky she was. But, once she actually moves there and makes a new, unexpected friend, will her luck just turn around?


7. Wait what day is it?


   •••Brooke's POV•••

Once we got to the cafe, Cris set me down and went to talk to Ed, i guess they were okay again since they instantly started laughing and joking around with each other. I looked around the cafe to see where the rest of my friends were. I then found them at a booth next to a window. Right as i got there i saw Jake kiss Jen, and then walked over to me, "Oh, hey Brookie!" He said. Apparently that was my new nickname. I laughed. 

"Hey Jakieee!" I replied teasing him. He rolled his eyes and laughed. I took that time to ask him something i was suspecting but i needed a confirmation, "Oh yeah so i've been meaning to ask you" I started, looking up to his extremely attractive face. It reminded me of someone but i couldn't quite put my finger on it. " Are you and Jen together?" I asked. 

"Oh yeah, i guess no one told you the juicy details of our group." He said smiling. He gestured me to come outside with him. I did, and we sat down on a bench nearby. "Alright, so yeah. Me and Jen are together. Actually, now that i think of it, it'll be three years on Monday." he said smiling. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. But i then pictured them together and i realized how much of a perfect couple they made. 

"Awww!" I said in response to what he just told me. He laughed and nodded. 

"Haha thanks. But there's more" He said raising his eyebrows and moving them around. That made me laugh, of course. He then continued, "Since Jen and Katie are best friends, and Jen tells me everything. I have recently found out that Katie has a bit of a crush on Edward over there" He said pointing to Ed. My eyes widened and i could feel my mouth opening. 

He nodded and continued ," I know! That was my same reaction.. Except a bit less dramatic and girly" We both laughed. 

"I feel so bad! I was just basically flirting with him before!" I said, remembering the conversation in the stairway. 

"No worries, love. She doesn't hate you or anything. Psh. She wouldn't know what 'hate' was if it hit her in the face!" He said, slightly laughing at his own joke. I rolled my eyes, but instantly felt a little relieved.

"Aww they would be cute together! We should try hooking them up!" I said raising one eyebrow while nodding my head. We both laughed but agreed on it. We then got up and went back inside. 

"Hey, Boo. Oh i'm calling you that btw." Em said to me. I laughed.

"Okay, Em. Wuss Up?" I replied and everyone laughed. 

"What are you wearing tomorrow??? I think after school you should come over so we can go shopping together. Oooh then maybe a sleepover afterwards!" Em started jumping up and down in excitement. 

"Um sure, but what's tomorrow?" I asked, confused. To be honest I don't even remember what day of the week it was. This week was so busy for me. I had barely finished unpacking my bags. 


•••Em's POV•••

"Um sure, but what's tomorrow?" Boo looked up at me confused. Jesus this girl. I was a little hurt to be completely honest, tomorrow was Saturday. The day i would finally be able to see Harry again, after 2 years of not seeing him. But then i remembered that this was Boo's first week here, and i'm sure she had lots on her mind. 

I gasped dramatically. "You mean to say, you already forgot??" I stuck out my bottom lip jokingly. 

It took her a while to finally respond. I could tell she was thinking hard about this one. Her face then lit up, recognition spread all over her face. I took this as a sign she remembered. 

"OMG. I totally forgot, Sorry Em! Of course we'll go shopping and let me ask my mum really quick if i can sleep over." I laughed as i heard her say 'mum' her american accent was adorable. Especially when she tried using our slang. She took out her phone and texted her mum, well at least i assume she did. After a few seconds her phone buzzed. Once she was done reading the message she looked up at me and had a huge grin on her face. 

"She said yes!" We high-fived like a pair of 10 year olds. 

How did i get so lucky to have  a friend like Boo? It's about time. Hmm, now that i think about it, we've gotten really close these few couple of days. Maybe tonight i'll tell her one of my little secrets that no one else knows about. 

I'm so excited!


•••Cris's POV•••

I had overheard the conversation Em and Brooke had just had, and to be honest, i was a bit scared. I knew they were going to meet up with Harry, Em's cousin. Don't get me wrong, i think Harry's a great lad. I've met him a few years back, but i was a bit scared that he would take a fancy to Brooke. How could i even compare to someone like him? 

Whatever. If anything happens, then it happens. After all, i do believe in fate. 

Or is it destiny?

Oh god i'm talking to myself again. 

Thank goodness no one care hear my thoughts though. I laughed quietly to myself. 

"Why are you such a weirdo?" Katie giggled. "Laughing to yourself once again, i see" 

I laughed again, louder this time. "Shutup Katie, i'm not a weirdo, just a little creepy" I winked at her jokingly and She started to laugh. She snorted a little, in the cute kind of way, making the whole table burst in laughter. 

I love my idiot friends. 


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