Just My Luck

Brooke always dreamed of moving to London and meeting One Direction. She thought that would never happen, especially considering how unlucky she was. But, once she actually moves there and makes a new, unexpected friend, will her luck just turn around?


8. Em's House


•••Brooke's POV•••

After the Cafe we all walked back to school. We were released early. No one knows why, but i heard it was because of some technical problems with the computers or something. I honestly didn't care. More time to hang out with Em! I', so excited!

I met her at the entrance of the school. One we hugged and said our goodbye's to everyone we went over to our cars. Of course they were parked right next to each other.

"Alright, so what's the plan?" I said, walking over to her window. 

"Okay, so why don't i go home to leave my car. And then afterwards i'll call you and give you directions to my house. This way you can get all of your rubbish for our sleepovvaaaaa!" I put on a fake hurt expression and we both laughed. 

"Alright, see you soooon!" I called back, as i walked over to my car. I got inside and turned it on. I was shaking from excitement. 

"This is going to be fun", i said to myself as i backed out of the parking space and waved to Em who had been doing the same. I had adapted pretty well to driving on the right side. The drive home wasn't too bad. But once i finally got there i hurriedly turned of the car, took out the key and ran towards my room. Locking the car as i walked in, my mom greeted me, "Hey honey, how was schoo.." 

"Great!" I called back, not letting her finish her sentence. She laughed and continued, "Well your dad called today, he wanted to know if you wanted to go visit him over the summer." 

I had almost forgot how much i missed him. My mum and dad were divorced about a year ago, that's one of the reasons my mom moved over here. I still talked to him every one in a while but this had been the longest i've been away from him. "Sure! I'd love to!" I called back. 

I ran up the stairs and almost tripped on the last step. Ugh. Why do i have to be so clumsy?! I thought, laughing to myself. I took out my phone and texted Em. "Hey gonna take a quick shower. Won't take too long i promise xx." I got a towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower. 

Once i got out i checked my phone. 

(2) missed calls from 'Emmm My Bestest Friend Everrrrr' Oh god i groaned and laughed to myself. I quickly changed her contact name to 'Em'. I knew she would get mad and i giggled a bit, just thinking of her reaction. I called her back. It rung 3 times before i heard Em's voice on the other end. 

"What took you so long?? I thought you drowned or something!" I laughed and heard her do the same.

"oh whatever i was just in there for 10 minutes! That's the fastest i've ever done!" I could already picture her rolling her eyes. "Hey! Don't roll your eyes at me!" I said laughing as i put my phone on speaker. 

I heard her start laughing, "Ugh Boo, you know me too well". 

"I know, i know." I said as i looked through my drawers. "What should i wear? Better question. What are you wearing?" 

"Hmm, well as of now, i have no idea." She laughed, "Just bring whatever and we can choose between both of our stuff" 

I laughed. ,"Alright be there in a few, love" We made kissing sounds before hanging up. I smiled. It felt as though Em was a prettier, shorter, and British version of me. It only took a week to become almost sisters with her. I put on some random running shorts with 2 white stripes on either side and a plain tight white t-shirt on. I slipped on my adidas sandals and grabbed whatever i could find and stuffed them into my duffel bag. I skipped to the bathroom and grabbed my hair products, and tooth brush. I went back to my room and stuffed my pj's into my already full bag. I sighed and sat on my bed. I took out my phone and logged onto twitter.

I clicked the '@ connect' because it was lit up. "@_Crissss: Had a great time with @Brookie_James, @_Jenster, @Katie_Lovee, @_The_Edddd, @Jakester, and @Emmm_S at the cafe this evening. On for next week, yeah? xx (:" I smiled and replied to his tweet. "@_Crissss Of course love, but i'm still up for another piggy back ride! (; xx" 

I was about to lock my phone before i got a message from Jake. "Hey babe, have fun! Em told me that you're going along with her to see Harry. Great guy. I know you'll think so too. (; xx" I smiled. I could feel my cheeks start to heat up just thinking about it. 

"Hahah i'm sure he is and shush. I can just picture you with your little cheeky smile. Lol but thankss! xx." I replied. I locked my phone and went downstairs. "See you later mom! I'm off to Em's house. Love you!" I said before giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Alright sweetie, have fun! Drive carefully!" She called before i shut the door and walked over to my car. I was surprised at how light it still was outside, then i remembered we got out early. I put my bag in the passenger seat and checked the time on my dashboard. It read 12:34 PM. I don't think i mentioned this, but i love my car. It was a brand new, sleek black audi. My mom had bought me it as a present when we first moved here. As if living here wasn't already a huge gift. I loved my mom.

I then called Em to ask her for directions. 

"Alright you ready then?" She asked as soon as she picked up. 

"Yeppp" I said emphasizing the 'p' 



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