Just My Luck

Brooke always dreamed of moving to London and meeting One Direction. She thought that would never happen, especially considering how unlucky she was. But, once she actually moves there and makes a new, unexpected friend, will her luck just turn around?


6. Butterflies.

•••Brooke's POV•••

After i was set down gently, i walked over to my new friends and greeted them," Hey guys!" I said cheerfully. 

They all replied with "heys!" All except for Cris who said nothing. I looked at him, confused. He was glaring at Ed. What's going on here? 

As we made our way to the Cafe, Em started complaining on how tired she was. Jen, Katie, Jake, and Ed laughed at her. Ed then walked over to her and pulled her on his back. I laughed a little and walked over to Cris, since he was behind the group. 

"What's wrong?" I asked, slightly concerned. I've never seen him like this. 

"Nothing" he replied quietly.

"Oh come on. I can tell something is bothering you!" I said, poking his side and he looked down and smiled. I could feel myself blushing. It was just the way he looked at me; he gave me butterflies. His face lightened up.

"It's fine now" He said. "It doesn't matter anymore." He whispered. I then looked up and smiled at him. "Good." I said. 

"Well since we still have about a block to go, and i can barely keep up with anyone..." I started, and i could tell he knew where i was going with this. He laughed, and then stopped. Waiting for me to get onto his back.

"Yay!!" I squealed, and leapt on. I could feel his body gently shaking as he began to laugh. 


•••Cris's POV•••

I have to admit, Ed really did piss me off. He knew that i liked Brooke, even if i didn't confirm it out loud. But once Brooke came over and started talking to me, everything didn't matter anymore. 


"What's wrong?" She asked. Her voice sounded genuinely concerned but what was i supposed to say?

I like you and i got extremely jealous when i saw you with Ed?


"Nothing" I replied quietly.

"Oh come on. I can tell something is bothering you!" she said. I felt her poking my side and I couldn' help but smile. I looked down and gazed into her beautiful golden brown eyes. Wait, weren't they dark brown this morning? No, it must've just been the lighting. I examined her face and could tell her cheeks were getting slightly pinker. 

Did i just make her blush?

SCORE! But i didn't even do anything.. 

Damn. Maybe it was just the sun heating up her cheeks.

"It's fine now" I said, not mentioning anything i was just thinking. "It doesn't matter anymore." I almost whispered. She looked up at me and smiled. I love that smile. Could this girl get anymore perfect? "Good" she said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

She then looked over to the rest of the group, well ahead of us and said "Well since we still have about a block to go, and i can barely keep up with anyone..." I started laughing, knowing where she was going with this, so i bent down slightly and waited for her to jump on my back.

"Yay!!" She squealed, in the cutest voice i have ever heard. Still laughing, i began to advance towards the rest of the group.


{Author's Note}+ 

Sorry i haven't gotten to the 1D boys yet, i'm trying to build up the character's personalities and plot. So stay tuned cause they will shortly be coming in the storyyyy! :D 


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