Just My Luck

Brooke always dreamed of moving to London and meeting One Direction. She thought that would never happen, especially considering how unlucky she was. But, once she actually moves there and makes a new, unexpected friend, will her luck just turn around?


11. Attraction?

•••Brooke's POV•••

"Alright so now we wait." I said to Em after sending the message. She looked up and smiled.

"I'm going to be honest" She said, "I'm a bit nervous. These guys are really attractive, well at least from what i've heard and seen in magazines.." I laughed and combed my hand through my hair nervously. 

I bit my lip before replying, "I know, me too. But what if they take a fancy to us?" I said, mimicking her accent and winking at her. We both giggled and began walking to the endless racks of clothing. 

We were on the floor almost in tears from laughing so hard when Em received a message. "Oh god, let's take these horrible outfits off." She laughed before taking out her phone. I went back into my stall in the fitting room.

Once i got out Em's face was redder than the hideous bright red shirt she had just tried on. "What's wrong?" I said, a bit worried.

She didn't say anything and just handed me her phone. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, but i ignored it. I looked at her screen. It was a message from Harry. It read"

"You are so much lovelier than i remember, Em. I hope you don't get mad, but the boys insisted. So i HAD to give them your's and your friend Brooke's numbers. I think they might take a fancy for you two. Uh-oh. xx"

Oh my god. I could feel my face getting hot red. I looked up and Em just nodded her head. We then started jumping up and down in excitement. I handed her phone back and we both checked our phones. 

"Hmm, look at that." i said, showing her my phone, "5 new messages. I wonder who that could be??" We laughed and she showed me hers with the same sly expression. 

I then opened my inbox and read each message one by one.:

"Hey, it's Zayn. I just wanted to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen a more beautiful smile in my life. Can't wait to see you tomorrow in person. (; xx"

"Hi, It's Liam, Harry's friend. I just couldn't help but notice how lovely you and Em are. Can't wait to meet you both tomorrow.(: x"

"Heyyy Niall here. Wat's the craic? Hahh anyways wnted to say you r beautiful. Same wit Em. Two of the most beautiful girls ive ever seen. "

"Hey, love. It's Louis. I think you've heard of me before, yeah? Well if you haven't, i'm Harold's friend. You are just too cute. On that note, see you tomorrow lovely! x"

"Hope you don't mind, i gave your number out to the boys. They just kept insisting after they saw the photo. I wouldn't blame them. You are honestly drop dead gorgeous. I love your eyes, your hair, your smile, everything. So excited to meet you tomorrow, babe. xx"

At this point i was completely red. My heart skipped a beat and i got butterflies as i read Zayn and Harry's messages. I could feel the heat radiating off of my body. I couldn't believe what i just read. I looked up to see Em had the same look on her face. 


•••Em's POV•••

I could feel my face heating up. I looked down at my messages again. I couldn't believe everything i just read.

"Hey babe, Louis here. Harold always said you were beautiful but i didn't think he genuinely meant it. I see that i was very, very wrong for thinking that. Can't wait to see you tomorrow love.xx"

"Hey, it's Zayn. I have to say. You're quite lovely. You remind me a lot of Harry. Can't wait to meet you, babe. xx"

I especially loved reading the messages from the lads i already took a fancy to. 

"Hey, Nialler speakin. Haha no, but jokes all aside, do you know how gorgeous you realy r? You're eyes r jus mesmerizin, babe. You are my definition of  perfect." 

"Hey there. It's Liam, i'm sorry but i just cannot go to bed tonight without telling you how beautiful i find you. I love everything about you already. Ever since i heard your voice on the phone i could just tell you would be absolutely lovely. Hope i don't sound creepy or anything. xx" 

Me and Boo looked up at the same time. We exchanged phones at one and read eachother's messages. We both 'awed' at the same time and i rolled my eyes as i read Harry's message. It was genuinely sweet, just weird to have my cousin flirt with my best friend.

We then got in line and bought all of the clothes we had picked out for tomorrow. 


•••Harry's POV•••

After receiving the message, we all went wild. I couldn't believe how much Em had grown. She was beautiful. But something else caught my eye instantly. I looked over to her friend and could not believe my eyes. There, was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. And trust me, i've seen a lot of girls before. This one was different though, i know that sounds cheesy, but i don't know how to explain it. I just couldn't look away. 


•••Liam's POV•••

Right from the beginning i had a feeling these girls were going to be attractive. But once i looked at the photo on Harry's phone, something hit me. I don't know. There was something about Em's face that made it almost impossible for me to look away. Don't get me wrong, the other girl, Brooke, i think it was, is quite beautiful as well, but not as much as Em. 


•••Zayn's POV•••

Instantly, when i first took a glance at the photo i realized how beautiful Em was. She had gorgeous emerald eyes and a great smile, i thought her dimple was, without a doubt, the cutest thing i had ever seen. But then i looked over to Brooke, and i don't know how to explain it... But it felt as though my heart stopped. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I haven't had that feeling since grade 8.


•••Niall's POV•••

Wow. That's all i can think. Is just wow. These had to be two of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. Both of them were equally gorgeous, but something kept me going back to Em. I don't know what it was. It was almost the feeling i get when i see food. I have to have it, even if i can't.


•••Louis' POV•••

I have to admit, these were genuinely two of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. But it felt a bit odd, taking a fancy to Harold's cousin. And i could already sense the boys taking a fancy to either of them, so i was a bit disinterested. Maybe things will change once i meet them. Who knows? To be honest i don't  think i'm ready for another relationship after what happened between El and I....


•••Brooke's POV•••

It was a long day, and i was exhausted. I still couldn't believe what had happened earlier. Em and I blasted the radio on the way home, singing horribly to each song that played. Once we got to her house we ran upstairs and into her room. We dropped all of the bags on the floor and sat down. 

"I'm exhausted but excited at the same time." I huffed and Em nodded in agreement. She picked up one of the bags and turned it upside down, dropping all of the clothes inside. 

"Let's see what we got here." She said as she did the same to another bag. I joined her and once all of the clothes were sprawled out on the ground we sorted through them. 


{These are the clothes they bought}:

Tops: http://www.polyvore.com/tops_they_bought/set?id=57980189#stream_box




ps: i know this chapter is kinda shitty, but i have to get it started somehoww

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