Just My Luck

Brooke always dreamed of moving to London and meeting One Direction. She thought that would never happen, especially considering how unlucky she was. But, once she actually moves there and makes a new, unexpected friend, will her luck just turn around?


1. New Home. New School. New Life.

•••Brooke's POV•••

"Mom!!!", I yelled with my head still in my closet, "Where are all of my jeans?!"

It was the first day of school and I couldn't help but feel a little scared. I was starting at a brand new school. If that wasn't scary enough, I was in a whole new country.

"They're still in your suitcase, hunny.", my mom called back, taking me from my thoughts.

"right" I whispered to myself. I don't understand why I'm so nervous. I'm usually okay with making new friends, but this time it was different.

I felt so alone. I had left all of my friends back in America. See, I had moved just last week to London. I had always dreamed of living here, but I never thought it would actually happen! I hadn't prepared myself for it yet. It was my senior year for God's sake. While all of my friends went to Prom and homecoming games together, I would be here. Alone. I snapped out of my thoughts once I looked at the clock.

"Shit.", I hissed. 7:15 AM. "That's just great. First day of school and I'm already gonna be late." I thought to myself.

I quickly put on my blue roll-up-sleeve shirt, and zipped up my jeans. I put my contacts in because, well, without them I was practically blind. I looked back at the time. I suddenly slapped my forehead, "Omg I'm so stupid!" I said to myself as I realized what time it REALLY was. 6:18 AM. I slowly slipped my grey vans on.


I looked in the mirror, I decided to leave my hair natural but straightened my bangs just a little since I had a lot of time left. I carefully put some liquid eyeliner on my top eyelids and a bit of mascara on my already long eyelashes. I preferred wearing a little makeup. I put my silver bracelets and black flower studs in.I took one more glance at my mirror and slightly smiled at my reflection. I was always insecure about myself. I parted my long wavy hair down the middle and put it on either side of my shoulders.


My light brown eyes sparkled a little today. Hmm must be a good day then.

No one other than my mom and close friends knew my eyes changed colors with my mood. Not to crazy colors but from light brown to dark brown to hazel and even to a greenish blue sometimes.

I was finally ready and checked the time again. 7:15. Perfect. I grabbed my backpack and walked down the stairs. I grabbed and apple and kissed my mom goodbye. "You'll do great sweetie!", my mom yelled out before I shut the door.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, "I hope so." I said with a sigh to myself as I got into my car, drove out of the garage, and started my way to my new school. 

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