Three Little Words

Her parents have been fighting for years. Nineteen year old Lyka and her ten year old younger sister, Macy are forced apart when their father sweeps Lyka to England unexpectedly. She and her dad arrive in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire England, where her dad is from and live in a small apartment together. Lyka believes her life is miserable and over. One night, she says good bye to everything she knows and runs away, but she didn’t know where to go. Lyka walks forever and is starving and dehydrated. She had no money, the only clothes she owned were the ones on her back and her half charged phone which was in her back pocket. The next morning she wakes up in a place she didn’t know, with a boy that she didn’t even know. She hates the boy at first, but her feelings change through the whole story. Find out more in Three Little Words


5. The Tour Around the Apartment

(Lyka’s POV)


I woke up next to Harry. I groaned. I was hungry. I haven’t eaten in a long time. I must have woken Harry up because he sat up and stretched. “Hello love, how are you feeling?” He asks. “Fine, but really hungry,” I reply getting up. I could barely stand I sat back down. Harry rushed to my side. “I am, too” Harry says sits next to me rubbing my back.

“I’m going to get some food,” Harry says and leaves the room. Then he pops his back in the room. “Don’t leave,” he says smiling. “Ok, but what are you going to get?” I ask. “What ever I could afford.” Harry says pulling out five Euros out of his pocket. He smiles and disappears again.

I lay back on the bed, thinking about Macy. I missed her so much. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Was she thinking about me right now? Did she miss me? I don’t know, why did I have to go with my dad? Why didn’t I tell him no? Why didn’t I tell him I wanted to stay? Why did he sweep me into a miserable life?  Now, I met Harry, which is the only good thing that has happened to me this whole time I have lived here.

Five minutes later Harry walks into the room with a brown paper bag. He walks to the other side of the bed and sits down. He sets the bag in between us. He smiles proudly and opens the bag. I sit up and watch Harry. “What have you got there?” I ask playfully. Harry smiles and pulls out two sandwiches. “The cheapest and best I could find,” He says handing it too me.

“What type?” I ask. “Does it matter?” Harry asks unwrapping the sandwich. “I’m a vegetarian,” I say quietly. Harry looked at me. “I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Its turkey and cheese,” Harry stammers.

“No, I guess I have to eat this meat to survive with you,” I say looking at the sandwich. “I’m so sorry, I’ll remember next time,” Harry says watching me. “Its fine, I just haven’t had meat, in, I can’t remember, like eight years,” I say laughing. “Here give me the meat, and I’ll give you my cheese,” Harry says, pulling apart his bread. I smile and do the same. We trade the insides of our sandwiches laughing while we do it.

“So, how do you like England so far?” Harry asks while we eat. I laugh a little. “At the beginning, I hated it. Because my father took me away from everything I knew and loved. My friends, my mom, and my sister,” I say sadly eating my sandwich. “I’m sorry,” Harry said. “It’s ok. I’m happy right now, because I’m with you.” I said smiling. “I like having you around to. It’s good to have someone around to hang with and talk to,” Harry says finishing his sandwich.

Once you and Harry were finished, Harry took you around the house showing you around.

“It’s not much,” Harry says leading you out of the bedroom. He turns left into a hall way that went into a small room with an open window. He walks over to it and steps outside onto a platform. He helps you out and you and him stand on the platform. “Our exit route to get out in case you know, police or anyone comes into the building. This is also the way out of the building for us,” Harry says. “Wait, so we’re living here, not paying?” I ask surprised.

“Um, yeah, I can’t afford rent or barley to live,” Harry says innocently. “Well, this isn’t right,” I say. “Ok, let’s go live on the streets love,” Harry says grabbing my hand and leading me down the ladder. “No, no I’m totally fine with living here,” I say smiling and pulling Harry back up. “Good, cause I don’t want to live on the streets.” Harry says getting back on the platform.

When he stepped up, he stumbled on the first step and I catch him laughing. Harry laughs and I try to pull him up, but he was too heavy and I fall. Harry heaves himself up and leans over me. “Are you okay, Lyka?” Harry asks. “Yeah,” I reply and sit up.

Harry and I just sit together looking at each other. I smile and Harry leans closer to me. He looks into my eyes, then at my lips then at my eyes again. He bites his lip, and I giggle. He was so cute. I was falling for Harry. And I was falling hard. “I have never felt this way about a girl,” Harry whispers to me. I smile and whisper back, “I have never felt this way about a guy,” Harry grins and leans in and kisses me lightly on the lips passionately.

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