Three Little Words

Her parents have been fighting for years. Nineteen year old Lyka and her ten year old younger sister, Macy are forced apart when their father sweeps Lyka to England unexpectedly. She and her dad arrive in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire England, where her dad is from and live in a small apartment together. Lyka believes her life is miserable and over. One night, she says good bye to everything she knows and runs away, but she didn’t know where to go. Lyka walks forever and is starving and dehydrated. She had no money, the only clothes she owned were the ones on her back and her half charged phone which was in her back pocket. The next morning she wakes up in a place she didn’t know, with a boy that she didn’t even know. She hates the boy at first, but her feelings change through the whole story. Find out more in Three Little Words


6. The Idea

Harry became part of my life that day; that day that we kissed. Harry and I got food everyday. We took care of our ‘home’. One day, when we walked by a music store while on the way to the grocery store and I stopped in my tracks and Harry noticed. He smiled and put his arm around my shoulders. “Do you play?” Harry asks looking at what I was looking at. It was a beautiful black acoustic guitar. “Yeah, I love playing. Do you play something?” I ask looking behind me, smiling at Harry. “Yeah,” Harry says turning me around smiling. “What?” I ask. “This,” Harry says pointing at his throat.

I laugh. “You’re so cute,” Harry says kissing me. I smile. “Show me,” I say. “Later, love. If I ever buy you a guitar, what would happen?” Harry asks smiling. “Harry, I would be the happiest girl alive,” I say smiling. Harry smiles, grabs my hand and walks me into the music store.

He smiles at the owner and the owner wheels himself out from behind the counter. He was in a wheel chair. “Harry!” the owner says. “Hey, Neville!” Harry said giving the man a friendly hug. “Who is the pretty lady?” Neville says smiling and wheeled over to me. “This is Lyka,” Harry says proudly. “Nice to meet you,” Neville says shaking my hand. “You too,” I say smiling.

“So, what brings you here?” Neville asks Harry. “I would like to get a guitar, for a really low price if you don’t mind.” Harry says smiling. “No problem. I know you don’t have a lot of money, so I’ll give you this one for seventeen Euros,” Neville says handing Harry the black guitar I was looking at.

“Harry smiled and thankfully accepted it. “Here is the money. Thank you so much Neville,” Harry says. “For what you did for me, thank you,” Neville says grinning from ear to ear. I was so confused. How did Harry know this man?

“Why are you getting this guitar? You don’t play?” Neville asks pointing at the guitar. “I’m getting it for my girl friend,” Harry says walking over to me and kissing me. I smile. “Alright love birds,” Neville says wheeling back to behind the counter to help the waiting costumer.

Harry grabbed my hand and walked out of the store. He stops and smiles handing me the guitar. “Are you the happiest girl in the world now?” He says. “Yes, but why did Neville give you this guitar for only seventeen Euros?” I ask taking the beautiful guitar. “Because of what I did a couple years ago for him, but not enough time for story telling. I’ll tell you tonight love. Let’s go get dinner first,” Harry says taking my hand and walking in the direction of the grocery store.

I have always wanted a guitar of my own. I learned how to play in fifth grade when my teacher taught me and loved it and was pretty good. But when I left in the middle of the year to move to another city, I never held a guitar since.

Harry and I got a only one sandwich to have for dinner for us to share because of the Euros Harry spent on the guitar. When we reached the apartment, we climbed up and climbed through the window. I walked out of the small room into the bedroom with Harry following me. I sat down on the bed and Harry did the same. He unwrapped the sandwich and split it so I would have the bigger piece than him.

“No, Harry take this one,” I say grabbing the small piece he had in his hands and replaced it with the bigger one. “No, love, you have it,” Harry said reaching for the smaller sandwich. “No,” I said firmly and started eating. Harry watched me eat, then started eating.

When we were done, we threw the trash in trash can, which was under the sink in the kitchen. Then we came back in the room. I sat down on the bed and picked the guitar up, which I had set down next to the bed stand.

“Play for me,” Harry begged. “Harry, I’ll warn you, I haven’t played in years,” I say smiling. “Don’t worry, if you play, I’ll sing along,” Harry said smiling. I sat down on the edge of the bed and Harry joined me. I held the guitar right and started strumming it. It was exactly how I remembered it. The guitar was tuned perfectly and had an amazing tune.

I smiled and started playing ‘Isn’t She lovely’ which I remember playing. Harry smiled at how good I was and started singing. Then I started singing along:

“Isn't she lovely Isn't she wonderful Isn't she precious Less than one minute old I never thought through love we'd be Making one as lovely as she But isn't she lovely made from love Isn't she pretty Truly the angel's best Boy, I'm so happy We have been heaven blessed I can't believe what God has done (From: Through us he's given life to one But isn't she lovely made from love Isn't she lovely Life and love are the same Life is Aisha The meaning of her name Londie, it could have not been done Without you who conceived the one That's so very lovely made from love”


When I finished Harry and I smiled with satisfaction. “You are amazing at guitar player and singer,” Harry exclaimed kissing me. “You are an amazing singer,” I said excitedly, kissing him. We both laugh.

Then an idea lurked into my mind. I smiled. “What?” Harry asked grinning. He knew I was thinking of something. “I got an idea of how to make money,” I said. “What is it love?” Harry asked excitedly. “With this guitar and your singing, we could make money. Have you ever seen those people in front of stores, singing or playing the guitar for money?” I ask excitedly. “Lyka, I love your idea, but where to do it,” Harry asks thinking. “That’s easy, in front of the grocery store that we went to today,” I replied.

Harry smiles. “Ok love, let’s get practicing.” Harry says laughing. I start strumming my guitar and we played random songs that I could think of all night long together.  

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