Three Little Words

Her parents have been fighting for years. Nineteen year old Lyka and her ten year old younger sister, Macy are forced apart when their father sweeps Lyka to England unexpectedly. She and her dad arrive in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire England, where her dad is from and live in a small apartment together. Lyka believes her life is miserable and over. One night, she says good bye to everything she knows and runs away, but she didn’t know where to go. Lyka walks forever and is starving and dehydrated. She had no money, the only clothes she owned were the ones on her back and her half charged phone which was in her back pocket. The next morning she wakes up in a place she didn’t know, with a boy that she didn’t even know. She hates the boy at first, but her feelings change through the whole story. Find out more in Three Little Words


8. I Love You


Mark took care of us for the next few weeks of our lives, buying the room for us and providing food for us. The day that we recorded was fun and we did it for the next few days, to prefect the tapes. Soon, Mark decided to make a video of us and post it on YouTube. Harry and I agreed and shot a music video the next day.

The day that Mark posted it, it became an instant hit and we were getting famous. We were invited to go on the X-factor and tryout separately. I was unsure about this, Harry comforted me and pushed me through it.

We auditioned and only Harry made it. I sadly only got one yes. That night, I cried my eyes out with Harry next to me comforting. He had to stay at the X-factor house and I stayed by myself, watching Harry pass everything, and the day where he was told to go home. I cried when they said that, but cheered when Harry was put into a group with four more boys, they soon called One Direction.

I supported Harry the whole time. When the band came in third I was proud of my boyfriend and was so excited to see him soon.

A couple weeks later, Harry knocked on my door and pulled me outside. “Harry!” I squeal in excitement. “Lyka, I missed you so much,” Harry says with a tear in his eye and he kissed me. He smiled and looked to the side of him. “Lyka, these are the boys,” He said pointing to the boys standing in the hall way watching us.


I smiled and waved at them. They were all really cute and seemed really nice. I just couldn’t wait to spend more time with Harry. He smiled and walked over to the elevator. “So, Lyka, you know how your biggest dream is to see your sister again?” Harry asked excitedly. That was a strange question. Why would he ask me that? I just nod confused.

“Well,” Harry said as the elevator doors open and a girl with the same features as me, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her eyes where filled with tears of joy. She ran into my arms and I caught her. For two years I haven’t seen Macy and now she was here in front of me. This was the best life to have; an amazing boyfriend and my little sister. All I could say after a bunch of tears to Macy was, “I love you,”   

The End


~ Sorry that this Movella was so short. I didn't really like it when i was in the middle, but i didnt want to disappoint anyone. But I'm working on one that I'm confindent in right now, so I hope you will like my next one:) ~

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